The following is a list of frequently asked questions that players have sent us. If you have any queries about Empire then it is worth checking the FAQs first, to see if the answer to your question is here. Otherwise email us at with any questions about the rules or with any other questions about the game. We'll answer as quickly as we can and we'll add your question to our FAQ if we think it is likely to be of interest to other players.

This section of the FAQ contains questions frequently asked by new players. If you are a new player seeking support and/or advice, please contact us at For questions about specific parts of the game, please see the more general FAQ.

Do I need a Tent?

Yes. Profound Decisions events are camping based and players are expected to provide their own tents to sleep in. Some players choose to use a nearby hostel - but the majority of players camp on site.

Do PD provides costumes?

No. Players are expected to provide their own costumes for the event. There are nearly twenty traders on site however, selling everything you could possibly need to get started - costume, armour and weapons.

What do I need to bring to the event?

Anything you want to! There are some essential items we do recommend though:

  • Tent
  • Your costume
  • Warm bedding
  • Warm clothing
  • A torch or lantern
  • Food, or money to purchase food on site
  • Your medication, if you require any
  • Bug spray/sun cream
  • A water bottle

Are there toilets and showers on site?

PD provides toilets, wash basins and showers, as well as standpipes for access to clean, drinkable water, on site.

Can I cook on site?

Yes. You will need to provide your own cooking facilities and there are rules for ground fires that must be adhered to, but you are welcome to cook on site if you wish.

Can I book on the gate for the event?

Yes you can. Profound Decisions highly recommend booking and creating your character beforehand but you can book on the gate under PD's current guidelines. It is well worth creating an account and a character, even if you are planning to pay on the gate as it will save you time at the event.