An open ticket is a ticket that can be used to book for any Profound Decisions event. We've updated the website so that anyone can buy as many open tickets as they wish. This allows you to buy tickets for future events at the 2020 prices. Open tickets can also be transferred to other participants, so you can also use them to help your friends benefit from cheaper prices.

We've introduced open tickets so that players who are in a position to support us through this difficult time have an opportunity to do so. They are designed to take advantage of the government reductions in VAT in a way that benefits Profound Decisions and our players.

Any open tickets that you purchase are valid indefinitely until you use them. The option to buy open tickets will be available until the 15th March, but open tickets you buy or receive can be used at any time before or after that date.


  • Open tickets are now available from the website
  • Normal discounts for multibooking apply

You can buy an open ticket by selecting tickets from the booking menu of the website. The new option is at the top of the list, highlighted in purple. Just select how many tickets you want to buy and click "add" to add them to your basket.

You can purchase open tickets alongside ordinary tickets if you wish. All the normal discounts for buying multiple tickets together apply, so you'll receive £5 off the listed price for each ticket after the first that you purchase together.

If you haven't been to an Empire event yet, but you have a discount code for a new player, you can't use that to reduce the price of an open ticket. You can only use the code if your order includes a regular event ticket.

Paying for Open Tickets

  • You can pay by card, bank transfer or standing order
  • The deadline for payment for open tickets is the 15th March 2021

You can pay by card immediately or set up a bank transfer or standing order as normal when paying for open tickets.

We must receive payment for any open tickets before the 15th March to ensure that we don't lose out on the government support for these schemes. Any bank transfer or card payment must be sent by that date and any set of standing order payments will need to complete by that date. If you opt to pay by standing order, then the system will calculate that for you, by dividing your current balance into a number of monthly payments until the deadline.

Using an Open Ticket

  • You can use an open ticket to book for any event

Using an open ticket is straightforward. Any open tickets you have purchased will appear in your account summary, alongside a red action button labelled "Use Open Tickets". This button will open a screen listing all the open tickets you currently have in your inventory.


Each ticket is set to "leave as open ticket" by default - nothing will happen to these tickets until you select a new option. To use an open ticket just select "Convert to Event Booking". A drop down menu will appear which lists every available Profound Decisions event for which you're not currently booked. Select the event you want for each ticket you are using and then hit save. Your open ticket will be converted to an event booking. Your account summary will now show that you're booked for the chosen event and have one less open ticket than you had currently.

Transferring a Ticket

  • You can transfer open tickets to other players

You can also transfer an open ticket to any other participant who has already attended any Profound Decisions event. To do that you'll need to know their player id number (PID). You can find your own PID by looking at your account summary after you login to the website.


To transfer a ticket, just select "Transfer to another participant" from the drop down option. A box will appear to let you type in the PID of whoever you want to give the ticket to. Enter your friend's PID and their name will appear to confirm you've got the right details. If you have more than one open ticket then you can save the others for later, or transfer them all now if you prefer.

One you hit save any tickets you have indicated will be transferred. They will be gone from your account and will appear in the account of the person you have donated them to. They can then use them to book an event or even transfer them to another player if they wish. You won't be able to automatically get them back, so please make sure you have the details right before you hit save, otherwise you'll need to email us to sort it for you.


  • An open ticket bought with concession can be used by anyone who is eligible for concessions

If you are eligible for concessions and are planning to use the open tickets yourself, then you should click the "concessions" checkbox to claim the standard discount on the ticket price as normal. You will need to provide proof of your eligibility as normal before you play the event.

If you are planning to transfer a ticket to another participant then you should only select the concession option if the recipient is eligible for concessions. An open ticket that is bought at the concession price can only be used by a player who is eligible for concessions - otherwise they will need to pay the difference at the point where they use the ticket.

If you want to buy some open tickets with concessions and some without, you can do that, but you will need to buy them in two separate lots. If you select the concession option, then it applies to all the tickets in your basket.

Using Open Tickets on the Gate

  • There is a £10 charge to use an open ticket on the gate

Gate tickets are more expensive than normal tickets to encourage participants to book early because it is vastly easier for us to process two thousand bookings in one go, than to process them individually. Open tickets are meant to be used online - to book an event or to transfer them to another player. There is no charge to use a ticket to book an event online, regardless of when you do it. Open tickets aren't designed to be used on the gate on the day of the event - they can be still be used on the gate but there is a £10 charge to do so.


  • The normal Profound Decisions refund policy applies

Our "gold-plated" refund policy applies to all open tickets as well. If you need a refund for an open ticket then you can have the full ticket price refunded back to you at any point, no questions asked, provided you have not already transferred it to someone else. If you convert an open ticket to an event booking, whether you bought it yourself or someone transferred it to you, then it will be treated as a normal booking for all refund purposes.