Meryl of Navarr to be given permission to scout then dredge for materials in Feverwater.

Proposed by Therunin, seconded by Miaren.


  • Attempt to dredge the Feverwater, a lake partially in Therunin using riverboats
  • Passed by 26 votes to 1.


  • Passed Summer 377YE (Event Three 2013).


  • At least 10+ Weirwood - difficult to estimate.


  • 13 wains of Weirwood paid by Merel, of the Pathfinders of Therunin, Navarr after the Spring Equinox.


  • None expected. The dredging of the Feverwater has produced some small wealth in crafting materials at a reasonable rate, producing 4 each season. This is considered to be a Navarr National position, and as such voted on by the Navarr Senators.


  • Brass Coast citizens use mundane nets to dredge the Scorrero, no magical netting techniques are known to the civil service.
  • The Feverwater is known to be inhabited by swamp monsters which are likely to kill many Imperial Citizens attempting this.
  • It seems conceptually possible that the apparent madness of this action may cause the Druj forces active in the area to under-estimate the Empire in some unpredictable way.