This six-foot spear is usually made of blackened ash-wood, with an orichalcum-iron alloy head, generally shaped like a leaf, and kept at razor sharpness. They were popular with the Vard, and used extensively during their conquest of the land that is now Varushka. The spear has largely fallen out of use, but it is still popular in some of the more isolated vales where warriors armed with a razorleaf hasta and a round shield support heavily armoured schlacta in defending their homes against certain monstrous threats, especially husks.

Beyond Varushka, the spear is used by many Navarr brands who are not also warriors, and by some Highborn cataphracts who still practice an adapted form of the One-handed Spear and shield fighting style their ancestors used from horseback.


  • Form: One-handed Spear.
  • Effect: You may spend a hero point to call CLEAVE with this weapon.
  • Materials: Crafting a razorleaf hasta requires no special materials. It takes two months to make one of these items.

“This” he raised the spear in the air, “is Wind of Winter’s Breath. It has been in the striding for five generations and I intend it to remain so. It has slain orcs, both rebel slave and barbarian. It has tasted the blood of traitors and cowards alike. It has cleft the flesh of man and woman and cares not from whence the blood flows. It was this spear that took the heart of Bloodgore the Ravenous, the dire beast that hunted the Marches for a decade. It was this spear that pierced the throat of the Jotun Warchief that strung our children’s flesh upon banners for all to see. This weapon has tasted battle enough to slake the thirst of the most barbarous of foes. Yet is must always be fed”

The Thorn looked at the warriors before him. Their shields lay at their feet and their short spears were embedded in the ground beside them. They looked to the old veteran with utter respect, he had danced for a lifetime and now it was time for him to pass on his most favoured weapon.

“With this spear your rage shall be tenfold, with this spear your anger shall be given form. Should you wish it, it shall be the death of your enemies. Limbs shall be split and made useless, the beating of hearts silenced as the orichalum splits flesh like air. You just need to will it so, and it shall taste the blood of your foes”

The warriors before him bowed their heads in reverence, honoured to be given this opportunity.

“Now” he continued, lifting his shield and readying the ancient weapon. “Which of you has the heart to take it from an old Thorn?”

And with that he leapt forward, an ear splitting howl on his lips as those before him raised their shields in defence.