• Every PC receives 18 Rings at the start of every event they attend

Characters attending an event automatically receive eighteen rings. This represents the wealth the character has accumulated in the months leading up to the event. It is up to the player to interpret how they have interpreted this money in a way that is appropriate to the setting and their character.

Character with personal or campaign resources that produce money, receive this in addition to their 18 rings.

Personal Resource

  • Every PC chooses one personal resource at character creation
  • You can never have more than one personal resource

Every character chooses one type of personal resource and what territory it is located in when their character is created. Most personal resources automatically produce money or items for the character’s use every event that they attend.

Personal resources have broad generic names that imply a whole category of possible options. Like income, it is up to the player to interpret the precise nature of their personal resource in a way that is appropriate to the setting and their character.

All personal resources can be upgraded to make them more productive or effective. Upgrading a personal resource requires building materials which are held in Imperial Warehouses and can be acquired at the Bourse.

You can never operate more than one personal resource at once. Although a group might hold more than one personal resource, each character can only own and use one personal resource. This represents the time and effort required to manage the resource.

Although Orcs cannot purchase religious skills, they can purchase a congregation. They receive liao and votes in the Synod accordingly. Personal resources can be improved to make them more effective, those resources that produce money or items will produce more when improved.


Campaign Resource

  • Any character may be allocated control of a campaign resource
  • You may control more than one campaign resource
  • You may legally only hold one Imperial title or position

Campaign resources are similar to personal resources, but each one is unique and they can only be acquired in play. Characters do not own campaign resources, they are assigned them as a result of the actions of characters at the event. Some Imperial titles, such as General have a campaign resource associated with them. Although you may control any number of campaign resources at once, the Imperial constitution forbids an individual from holding more than one Imperial title at once.

E.g. The Imperial title of General of the 1st Marcher Army. The character with the position has control of the accompanying army and can determine its actions between events. The Imperial constitution forbids any Imperial citizen from holding two offices simultaneously, so a Marcher Senator would have to resign their position to assume this position.

E.g. The Lord of the Four Winds, an Eternal from the realm of Autumn can choose to give control of the North Wind to a character. This campaign resource is not an Imperial title or position, so it does not affect your ability to control any other campaign resource.

Campaign resources are unique, they may produce money or items or they may present other options for your character between events.