The senate authorises the release of resources held by the Military Council for the resupply of the Granite Pillar.

Proposed by Upwold, seconded by Therunin.



  • Autumn 377YE (Event Four 2013).


Campaign Outcome

  • Unlimited resupply of the Granite Pillar is authorized by the Imperial Senate until end of Summer 378.


Autumn Equinox 377

  • 20 Wains of mithril supplied by Ruth, General of the Granite Pillar.
  • 10 Wains of weirwood supplied by Ruth, General of the Granite Pillar.
  • Army strength of the Granite Pillar increased


When no limitations are placed on the extent or duration of Senate authorization to resupply an army, the assumption is that the maximum possible limits apply; the senator may supply any amount of mithril or weirwood up to a year after the motion is passed.

The Imperial Military Council do not require authorization to use any resources they possess - any property held by them can be disposed of as the Council chooses. Resupplying an army does require the authorization of the Senate, but once granted they cannot specify how that resupply should take place.