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A shipyard can only be constructed in a region that has the coastal keyword.
A shipyard can only be constructed in a region that has the coastal keyword.
==Existing Shipyards==
The following shipyards have been constructed in recent years:
* The [[Madruga#The_Atalaya_Shipyards|Atalaya Shipyards]] in [[Madruga]].

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A shipyard is a significant undertaking, creating a facility specifically designed for the creation and support of naval vessels.

Senate Commissions

The Imperial Senate may pass a motion for the construction of a shipyard. The senate must select a territory, and a region within that territory that possesses the coastal quality, where the shipyard will be constructed.

Since there is no active governance of a shipyard, there is no Imperial title associated with the commission.


Naval Construction

The Imperial Senate can use a shipyard to commission the construction of an Imperial navy. A single shipyard can work on only one Imperial navy at a time, and can build a navy for any Imperial nation regardless of which nation controls the territory where the shipyard has been built.


An Imperial navy may take refuge in a friendly shipyard using the put to port order. This is a special order which causes the navy to withdraw into the shipyard. In addition to being protected from naval attacks, the navy will recover additional fighting strength each season.

Although the navy cannot be attacked directly, the region containing the shipyard may be vulnerable to attack by opposing forces. If the region is captured then the shipyard will fall into enemy hands and any navy taking refuge there would need to be scuttled to prevent it being seized. The Grendel are known to build fortifications next to their shipyards, fortifying the ports and building powerful coastal defences, to prevent this.


  • Materials: 30 wains of Weirwood and 20 wains of White Granite
  • Labour: 12 Thrones and 4 crowns
  • Time: 3 months
  • Upkeep: 5 Thrones

When the shipyard is commissioned, the Senate may choose to increase the materials to improve the quality of the port.


A shipyard can only be constructed in a region that has the coastal keyword.

Former Shipyards

These shipyards are no longer active. This happens automatically if a yard is decommissioned by the Imperial Senate but in some cases it is because the structure has been captured or destroyed by barbarians.