Using platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Soundcloud and Vimeo, several of our players and crew have created a growing streaming, podcast and videomaking community within the wider Empire participant base. We’re proud and delighted that participants have set up streaming, podcast and pre-recorded video channels to make content about Empire. It’s great for new players discovering the game for the first time and it’s exciting to have creative discussions about the stories you’re creating.

We are happy to allow streamers, podcasters and videomakers to make occasional posts to the Empire Facebook groups, provided the stream is focused on topics related to Empire and that they follow these simple rules.

Official PD Streams
Shout Engine
Unofficial Streams
Hefty Yeti’s channel
Wonky Roleplaying
Tabletop Weekly Archive
LRP Noobs Youtube
LRP Noobs Podbean
Orc Planet
Empire Audio
Luca Da Re


  • You may make one post per month plus one extra in the week following each event to promote your streamed content
  • You can edit that post if you want to update any information in it, but don't deliberately bump your own post back to the top

We understand that building a successful channel understandably requires a lot of self-promotion, but we are keen to prevent the groups from becoming overburdened with adverts or repetitiveness. To give everyone a fair set of guidelines, we have decided that people who are making regular serialised video or audio content on their own channel may make one post per month plus one extra in the week following each event.

This means that if your channel updates more often than once a month, you may either choose one piece of content to promote, or make a monthly ‘digest post’ summing up your recent updates. Any adverts or stream links posted more frequently than that will be deleted by the moderators. We know that you may want to promote your page more often than this, but for that we ask that you use your personal social media channels or your channel’s official social media pages.

If you want to update your monthly post promoting your stream then do that rather than posting a response to your own post. The purpose of the new streaming rules is to permit people to promote their streams, but ensure that the frequency of promotion is kept reasonable. It's fine to update a post, but deliberately posting to bump a post back to the top of the group is not in the spirit of the rules.

Posts about streaming must follow the rules about posting in the most relevant group. A post can be in the main Empire LRP Facebook group and a single nation Facebook group provided it contains content most appropriate to that nation. Any advert posted across multiple nation groups will be removed. We understand that you want to build an audience, but we also want to respect our participants' decisions about what groups they join by ensuring that content is where it is most appropriate and is not repeated everywhere.

Streaming or videos run by traders, must follow the rules for posts by traders. That means one post per season for traders who trade at Empire events and one per year for traders who don’t.


  • All promoted content must conform to all our online and conduct guidelines
  • Anything you post on our forums must include material specifically about Empire

All content that is promoted in an Empire space must comply with our rules for conduct, equality and diversity, and language. This includes out-of-game issues like being negative about other larp systems or kit-shaming others. If the content you have linked to violates our rules, then the post will be removed by the moderators.

There are streams for many similar or related hobbies, such as cosplay, reenactment, or general LRP, but if you regularly promote your channel on our groups then any linked content must be relevant to Empire players. That means it must include material that is specifically about Empire as a substantial part of the stream, blog, or post. People subscribe to Empire groups to talk, in the main, about things that relate to Empire, so we’d ask that you respect that and help keep that focus. Please contact mods@profounddecisions.co.uk if you’re unsure.

All the standard rules restricting in-character content apply to any streamed content that you promote. That means that you must not push in-character agendas or controversial in-character opinions on any content you promote in an Empire group. Anything that would cause other characters to take issue with what you are saying or oppose what you are doing should be avoided. Most out-of-character discussions are fine, as is reasonable in-character material that is not controversial or contentious such as singing IC songs or telling legendary stories.

Anything that reproduces material drawn directly from the wiki is fine, provided there is no editorialising. So it is acceptable to record a Wind of War for example, provided that you don't then also include your own character's views or recommendations as part of that.