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A street map? You need much more than a map of the streets to navigate this city my friend. There are rules to this city, break them and the Camorra will break you.

The Steel Throne, Act II, scene iv

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Tales of the League have been made famous by balladeers – rival theatre houses and rival gangs, savage duels across rooftops, strange secrets in the depths of canals and sunken streets that only the Merrow boatmen have mapped. Grand cons; high politics; mercenary Free Companies and the bitter clash of powerful Camorra. The Church of the Little Mother, feeding the orphans of countless border wars – children who might themselves become the Merchant Princes and Princesses of tomorrow.

This is the League. The four great rivers that run down to the Bay of Catazar are the veins of this nation, carrying the lifeblood of trade. Its cities are its beating heart, pumping coin throughout the Empire. People of the League are city-folk through and through. Do not think them soft, however! They are a driven people, carving a realm from the floodplains that now begins to span the Empire. From the wealthiest moneylender to the loudest street bravo, they are sharp as steel, quick-witted and ready to seize the moment.

Five things to know about the League

  • Life is competition, and someone is always keeping score. Citizens of the League love to compete – in commerce, in entertainment, even in love.
  • Keep your loyalties close, like the rings on your fingers. League loyalties are fiercely held and hard to break.
  • Coin counts, and everything costs. In the League wealth is status, this is the land of conspicuous consumption.
  • Everything is on show, like a mask on your face. Performance runs through the heart of the nation.
  • Keep your wit sharp, and your blade sharper. Citizens of the League pride themselves on their charm and intellect, but they’ll never shy from a fight.

The Nation