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Metal Specialists

Padded Jacks and Gambesons

Leather Specialists

Polyurethane & Alternative Materials

'Soft' Costume

LRP Weapon Manufacturers

  • Eldritch LRP weapons, armour and props.
  • Skian Mhor LRP weapons, masks, prosthetics and props. Suppliers of raw materials.

Prosthetics and Masks

General Online Shops

  • Armstreet Chemises and undersshirts (doublets not really suitable for Empire).
  • By the Sword Armour and clothing, including replica costumes from the TV series The Borgias.
  • Chow’s Emporium General costume and accessories.
  • Darblade Complete LRP supplies from armour and weapons to leatherwork and accessories.
  • Dein LARP Store has a large range of appropriate dresses, trousers and tunics. Note their page has a translate button and they ship to UK.
  • Get Dressed For Battle General armour, costume and accessories.
  • The Knight Shop Historical costume, armour and general LRP weapons and accessories.
  • LARP Fashion General costumes, leatherwork and LRP weapons.
  • LARP Inn General costumes, weapons, armour and prosthetics.
  • LRP Store General LRP supplies from weapons and armour to costumes and accessories.
  • Matuls Clothing, armour tents and camp accessories from Poland (English language website).
  • Medieval Merchant General costume and some accessories.
  • Mytholon General costumes, weapons, armour and prosthetics.
  • Mega Medieval Armour Store Armour and accessories.
  • Sew-mill Medieval clothing, tents, furniture and accessories.
  • StahlGilde General armour, costume, leatherwork and accessories.
  • Velvet Glove General costume, accessories and make-up supplies.

Miscellaneous Items

Flags, Banners and Livery Badges

Fur and Traditional materials


  • Crafty Celts - Torcs, jewellery, buckles and belts (U.S.site).

Leather Accessories (including Shoes)

Pewter and Cast Goods

Tents and Camping Accessories

Wooden items