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[[Category:Magic Items]]
[[Category:Magic Items]]
[[Category:One-handed Weapons]]
[[Category:One-handed Weapons]]

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A Triumphant Blade is a popular enchanted weapon, used throughout the Empire in various forms. A heroic individual may enhance their reservoir of inner strength directly, but with a little effort anyone can benefit from the fire the weapon kindles in their soul. In addition to allowing even the meekest senator to stand firm in the face of malign spiritual presences, it is sometimes coupled with other enchanted items such as Mediator's Mail to serve as a mystical 'power source' for the second item.

A Dawnish triumphant blade often bears the rune Tykonus, while a Winterfolk-forged axe or sword is just as likely to bear Gralm or Ull, the runes associated with fate and chance. In Varushka, a Schlacta's Axe is a popular weapon bought by rich Boyars for their favoured captains, while the The Brass Coast and officers of the Free Companies of the league alike are known to favour beautifully crafted and decorated triumphant blades as marks of office.


  • Form: One-handed Weapon. Despite the name any one-handed weapon may be a triumphant blade.
  • Effect: You gain one additional hero point.
  • Materials: Crafting a triumphant blade requires ten units of green iron, seven ingots of orichalcum and seven measures of dragonbone . It takes one month to make one of these items.