The warrior with magical abilities or the magician with the confidence and inner fire to be a true hero both benefit from the use of these arcane weapons. Both weapon and implement are often marked with mirrored spirals, or designs reminiscent of the trods that the Navarr walk.

There are many stories that suggest that the weapons occasionally channel additional strength to their wielders when they are employed in the vicinity of a trod, although there may be other explanations for this phenomenon (if it even exists - all the evidence so far is anecdotal). Obscure stories from the earliest days of the pre-Imperial Navarr suggest that these weapons were wielded by some form of elite Terunael champion, one who embraced both warfare and arcane study. There is some evidence to support this - relic hunters have uncovered more than one sets of these weapons in old burial grounds or vallorn-choked ruins. Presumably, the items went by a different name in the days before the trods were established.

These weapons are not common in the Empire - the skills needed to use them are rare. One must not only possess personal discipline and magical skills, but also the training needed to do something useful with that discipline and magic before one can get good use out of these items. They are somewhat more common in the hands of Urizen magicians who fight alongside the sentinels.