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This rod stores and enhances the power of magic intended to drive an opponent away. It can be used to great effect to break up an enemy formation, or to give a magician a temporary respite when faced by multiple opponents. During the rod's construction, the dragonbone is stretched into slender lengths and then coiled into a spring, which can either be encased inside the rest of the rod's structure or occasionally graces the outer surface. This compressed power is thought to help multiple the power of the spell as it travels through the mystical materials of the rod.

This rod is regarded as a weapon for the serious battle-magician, one who has studied the magics of war and wishes to extend their abilities. Many wielders of these rods spend battles looking for that perfect moment to deploy the rod's impressive attack. League bravos with a taste for magic are fond of the Gyres for throwing people across taverns during bar brawls in flamboyant fashion in addition to it's potent tactical advantage on the battlefield.

In Wintermark, these rods sometimes have a slightly hammer-like form and are a weapon of choice among the Runesmiths who take to the field of battle, as its powerful blows resembles the swinging of the hammer in the forge. Their students among the Imperial Orcs, the Warcasters, also appreciated the rod's power, but the Orcs also found the name extremely pleasing. Being able to spell Tumultuous Gyre correctly is seen as testament to the owner's literacy and the owners of such rods sometimes inscribe the name on the rod itself.

Highguard battle-casters call these rods Horseshoes' Mark, recalling the powerful kicks delivered by trained warhorses, which at their greatest could be more deadly than the cataphracts they carried. A rare few examples have antique horse shoes built into them.


  • Form: Rod.
  • Effect: Once per day when you cast the Repel spell, you may use it on two targets rather than one. You still have only ten seconds to deliver both REPEL calls.
  • Materials: Crafting a tumultuous gyre requires twelve ingots of tempest jade, eight measures of iridescent gloaming and three measures of dragonbone. It takes one month to make one of these items.