Lineage is common in Urizen. The Urizen philosophers were the first to study and codify the way lineage may be passed on through bloodlines, and to describe the effects of Eternal supernatural influence on humans. They also have a great deal of interest in ways that Eternal influence manifests in other species.

A number of merrow who live in Urizen were born in the Brass Coast. The Freeborn see the calm nature of the Merrow is being at odds with their way of life and it is true that merrow rarely find themselves comfortable in Freeborn society. Many Freeborn parents of a Merrow child will take that child across the border to the Urizen, where the child will find a better life.

Only the briar lineage is not well represented in Urizen. The instinctual attitudes of the Spring Lineage sit poorly with many Urizen Spires. It is not the superstitions about sinister Spring influence that concern many Urizen, but what they see as a built-in anti-intellectualism. That said, there are a number who have made a name for themselves as sentinels. The instinct of the Briar to take direct, straightforward routes around problems helps them to focus their attention on the pursuit of physical, rather than purely mental, excellence.

Urizen does not have a great store of knowledge about the non-human species, and there is consequently a national fascination with thinking creatures from outside the Empire, including the orcs. When the orcs first petitioned to become part of the Empire the Urizen senators spent three weeks speaking to and debating with their shaman and indeed any orc who would stay still long enough to listen to them. At the end of this period they agreed among themselves with a two-to-one majority that the orcs were thinking creatures who would improve the Empire. The dissenting senator made a dire prediction that the Imperial orcs could do irreparable damage to the Empire, but thus far there are no signs of this outcome happening.