The Tribune of the Synod helps to ensure that Synod judgements take place in a timely and effective fashion. They accept judgements from members of the Synod and are responsible for publishing them and for collecting and tallying the votes. They also help priests to understand the different assemblies and powers of the Synod as well as ensuring that the text of any judgement meets the legal requirements.

The Tribune is responsible for communicating the decisions of the Synod to the Empire. In most cases they discharge this responsibility by ensuring the judgements are publicly available at the Hub, announcing the count of votes, and keeping accurate records which can be published by the civil service later. If a judgement targets an individual citizens - such as revocation or Writ of Excommunication then the Tribune will take additional steps to ensure that the citizen is aware of the judgement and the outcome.

Additionally, it is the Tribune who disburses the True Liao produced each season to Imperial Citizens. In accordance with the Imperial Constitution, the first dose is given to the Throne, the second is sold at the Public Auction, and the recipients of all remaining doses are decided by the Gatekeepers. When individuals wish to use the True Liao to have a vision, it is typically the Tribune who takes the dose to be prepared.