The Volodny are a circle of magicians from Varushka who present a threat to the entire Empire.

They collaborated with the warlord Alderei the Fair to oppose the First Empress. They are said to wish to destroy the Varushkan people, and the Empire that they are part of.

The Volodny have made dreadful pacts with the Eternals of the Wasteland (the Winter Realm), and are said to be immortal as long as they maintain these pacts. They are known to have "hidden their hearts" outside their bodies, and cannot be permanently killed unless their hearts are found and destroyed.

While the Volodny focus their attention on Varushka, they are a threat to the entire Empire and their malign influence could be felt by any Nation.

Known Volodny

Conservative estimates suggest there may be as few as five volodny, or as many as fifteen, still in existance. This is by no means an exhaustive list and includes volodny believed to be deceased.

  • Bas Celik - called the Binder. Believed to be active in the Empire since the death of Empress Britta.
  • Koshiev the White - alleged leader of the volodny executed during the fall of Alderei the Fair.
  • Górować - a powerful Night mage who was instrumental in the battles between Navarr and Vard in Hercynia
  • Shadowsmith - an artisan of unparalleled skill associated with the city of Temeschwar.
  • Kareina of the Swans - called Silvertongue. Attempted to turn Urizen against the Empire, and appears as a diplomat
  • Breknia- allegedly a weak volodny believed to have been destroyed several centuries ago

Historical Research

In 377YE, a Varushkan magician commissioned research into the nature of the volodny Bas Celik. The document contained numerous points of general interest concerning the volodny as a whole, and has recently been made available to imperial scholars.