Site Information

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Turn into the campsite from the entrance off Dadford Road. Drive half-a-mile down the farm track until you reach the fields being used for Empire. Profound Decisions gate team will be ready to receive you there.

The gate team will direct you where to camp and where you can park your vehicle.

Access and Disability Camping

We aim to make live roleplaying accessible to all and to ensure everyone is able to enjoy our events. If you are differently abled please read our accessibility page for more information about the camping area and contact us as early as possible to discuss your particular needs. We are happy to make reasonable adjustment for disabled players.

Camping Areas

There are 4 main camping areas:

  • Out of character
  • In-character
  • Accesible
  • Crew

Please be aware that camping within the in-character requires you to have a thematically suitable tent. No polyester or modern-looking fabric tents should be used in the in-character camping areas, although blends like most bell tents are fine. The aim is to have something that looks like a period tent that adds to the look-and-feel of our fantasy town, not something shiny and modern that risks damaging other people’s immersion in the event.

If you have a modern style tent you must camp in the out of character area.

If you have accessibility requirements please read our accessibility page and contact us to reserve a camping space suitable for your needs.

Toilets and Showers

There are toilets located within both the in-character and out of character areas. Showers are located on either side of the field near Wintermark as well as near the GOD (Games Operation Desk) tent.


Please make sure that all your rubbish is suitably bagged and disposed of in the skip before you leave site. Do not overfill your rubbish bags - more bags are available on request from GOD at any time. The skip is located in the main OOC field. Please ask for directions if you cannot find it.

Food Options

During events there are a range of food vendors on site in both the in-character and out of character areas near the GOD tent.

You are welcome to bring your own food but please note that there are no refrigeration facilities on site and we take no responsibility or liability for food you bring on-site.

First Aid Tent

Like GOD, the dedicated first aid team operate from a tent accessed at ground level. Refrigeration for medication is available, but please check with us before the event to ensure easy access.

Ground Fires

Fires must not be set on the ground, they must only be lit on the oil drums provided or an equivalent that keeps the fire off the ground. Existing fire sites and should be completely extinguished each night. We are arranging firewood for the site. The site includes land that is actively farmed - so please do not throw rubbish that does not burn on a fire - particularly tins, bottles and bottle tops.

Nearby Amenities

Silverstone is the nearest large village and has a range of shops and amenities.