Most of the crew stay in touch using Facebook. If you are a member of crew and you use Facebook, then you should be invited to the relevant groups - it helps everyone to get to know each other and makes organizing and preparing the events easier.

If you are not invited to a group that you believe you should be in, please contact either your team leader or for an invite.

There are different groups for the different teams and groups who work together to put on an event.


  • Crew Intro - this group is for people who are thinking of joining Empire Crew.
  • Current Crew - this group is for actual current crew (generally, 'booked for at least one event this year'). Please remember that some crew (especially red hats!) play characters during the event and do not appreciate plot spoilers!

God and Refs

  • Referees - anyone refereeing Empire events.
  • God Crew - anyone who works in GOD at events.

Red Hats

  • Red Hats - everyone who is part of the site set-up and take down team.
  • Gate Crew - everyone who works the gate!
  • Set Dressing - the set dressing team.
  • Set Building - the set building team (includes players).


  • Tavern - anyone who works in the tavern or behind the bar.
  • Academy - crew who operate the Academy and work with children at events.
  • Civil Servants - anyone who plays a civil servant at events.
  • Egregores - this group is for the NPCs who play egregores - and those who work with them.
  • Skirmish Crew - for the Hundred, our dedicated skirmish crew.
  • NPC Crew - this group is for crew who play NPC roles at events.


  • Plot - this group is for crew interested in creating plot for events.
  • Battle Team - the crew who organize and manage the battles.
  • Costume Team - crew and players making costume for PD.