We are working to equip our NPC team with the best costume and kit we can. Inevitably this is a long process that takes time and of course, money. The ideal way to get the best possible results is to work with our crew - trying to kit out a character from scratch is particularly difficult, the best person to put a costume together is the person who will be wearing it. In particular, many of our crew are able to make beautiful costumes and others are happy to buy pieces of kit for a character they are going to play. We want to encourage all of these approaches and help support with costs wherever we can.

Whatever you buy or make under any of these arrangements is your personal costume - we expect you to take it home and use it as you would any other kit you own. We only ask that you bring it with you to our events so you can use it there. Obviously, PD gain a huge amount from this arrangement, but we hope that our crew will also gain some really nice pieces of beautiful LRP kit at cheap prices.


  • Available to anyone making a costume that will be worn by an NPC at our events

If you are making costume that will be worn by an NPC at our events, either a regular character like a civil servant or egregore, a plot NPC or one of our orcs on the battlefield, then talk to us first. If the character is useful for our events then Profound Decisions will try to pay the costs for any materials used to make the costume. By paying for the materials we hope to encourage anyone making kit for NPCs in the game to use the best available materials to get the best finish possible.


  • Available to any member of the Skirmish Team at the start of each year

For masks, Profound Decisions, have an arrangement with Mandala to supply us the perfect masks for Empire at a special discount rate for crew. To get the price even lower, we encourage everyone to group together to make a bulk order. And then we will contribute £20 towards the cost of every mask ordered. That means you can get a simple mask as your personal mask very cheaply or you can tailor your mask to your own design, so you can have more expensive options like a full-face mask, or one with hair.

The deal is only available at the start of the year when PD encourage everyone who is an experienced part of the skirmish team who wants to buy a mask to get together and organize a bulk order.