Welcome to the crew organisation section of the Wiki. Here you will find a list of teams for the Empire game system, listing what each team does, who is in charge and who the main crew in that team are. Don't hesitate to get in touch with a team leader if you are interested in volunteering for the work they do..

Site and Safety Crew

The set-up crew help us get the event ready by putting up tents, setting up the electrics, etc. Those who are helping with set-up need to be on site roughly two days before time-in. Those who are helping with take-down need to be on site until roughly one day after time-out. We aim to complete take-down by nightfall the day after the event.

If you are part of the set-up crew then you are encouraged to get involved and take part in crewing the rest of the event, but if you prefer to play then you are welcome to do that instead. Bear in mind though that you might be called on during the event to help with the set-up for the battles and so on.

This team includes those whose primary responsibilities are safety based - like the weapon check team.

Site Crew Management

Alison Pennington has overall responsibility for all the teams who are part of the site crew. If a member of the site crew has a serious problem, then they should escalate it immediately to Alison.

Site Set-up Crew

  • Team Leader - Tom Butterworth
  • Trader Liaison - Angela Tiernan

The site crew, or Red Caps as they are affectionately known, are responsible for overseeing all aspects of set up and take down, as well as site health and safety.


  • Team Leader - Steve Tiernan

The security team are responsible for all aspects of site security and are on duty throughout the night.

Set Dressing

  • 'Team Leaders - VACANT

The set dressing team are responsible for dressing the main game areas, the tavern and the senate building as well as the Hall of Worlds. Some of the set-dressing is the same each time, and the dressings need to be carefully packed away at the end of each event, but there are usually new projects to work on each time as the team strives to improve the look of one or more game areas.


  • Team Leader - Ben Stevens

The Hygiene team keep the toilets and showers clean during the event, usually aiming to clean and restock all the toilets once a day.


  • Team Leaders - Dave 'Sparky' Wilson

The electricians are responsible for the on site distribution of electrical power and the off site building of new projects as well as maintenance and periodic inspection.

Whichever team you're working with, it's important that you don't plug anything in without checking with the sparkies first - we have a limited quantity of power available on site, and a major part of what we do is making sure the phases are balanced, and that we can run everything we need to without tripping the breakers.

Vehicle Management

  • Team Leader - Wayne Newton

The vehicle management team are responsible for controlling the flow of traffic around the site before and after the event. They oversee parking and show players where they can camp.

Weapon Check

  • Team Leader - Paul 'Chalkie' White

We have a team of approved weapon checkers who are needed to check the weapons and equipment that players and traders bring to every event as well as the weapons in PD's own armoury. Paul Chalkie White is the head of the team, and the final authority for any weapon. Weapon checking is available throughout the event but most of the work happens before the event starts and before the big battles each day. This means that event crew on this team are able to play the game with only minor disruption if they want to do that when they are not weapon checking rather than help out in other areas.

Event Crew

The event crew help us to run the event, handling the logistics, administration and refereeing of the event. Event crew are welcome on site from Thursday lunch, but most do not need to arrive much before the event begins.

Most event crew are busy throughout the event.

Event Crew Management

  • Management - Matthew Pennington

Matthew Pennington is the member of the PD management team with overall responsibility for all the work done by the event crew. If a member of the event crew has a serious problem, then they should escalate it immediately to Matt.

Games Operation Desk

  • Team Leaders - Mark 'Waz' Bretherick, Deputies Jon Merrifield and Franki Brett

The Games Operation Desk (GOD) is responsible for overseeing all player related administrative functions. This includes preparation of player packs, and dealing with lost property. They also often act as a point of contact between teams.

Crew: Erin Knott, David 'Jak' Horner, David Miller, Lesley Sweetman, Jane Warner, Jamie Choo, Rose Foster-Hunt, Dylan Foster-Hunt, Katie Edwards, Adam Dinwoodie, Joe Wood, Emma Round, Robin Tynan, Rebecca Watts,


  • Team Leader - James Toze

The gate team are responsible for manning the gates before and after the event, receiving participants at the site entrance and directing them around the site.


  • Head Referee - Nicholas Taylor
  • Head of Rules - Graeme Jamieson
  • Dep Head Referee - Emma Woods

The refs operate a desk in the GOD tent so that any player has a guaranteed point of contact. The desk is usually manned by Nicholas Taylor who is in charge of the referee team, while the rest of the team wander the Anvil field looking for players who need help. We operate a wireless network across the site providing our players with tablets so that they can access and update the game database from anywhere on site. There is always stuff to do, from simple things like helping players use magic items, to reffing plots or players carrying performing surgery, rituals, or even murders!


  • Team Leaders - Clive Evans and Nicholas 'Aquarion' Avenell

The IT team are there to set-up and maintain the servers, wireless network and resolve IT problems. The IT team are not responsible for setting up PCs and networking equipment - this is sufficiently straightforward that GOD and the plot support team are expected to manage this internally.

Crew Welfare

  • Team Leader - Maria Frank

We have a small crew welfare hut which is usually positioned near the monster tent and is kept supplied with food, drinks and snacks for the crew. Ensuring the hut is kept clean and well-stocked is one of the responsibilities of the crew welfare team who are based out of here during the event. It is the team's responsibility to look after the welfare of the 350 crew we have at most Empire events, providing help and support for any member of crew who needs it. Any member of crew who has a problem can go to the crew welfare team for help and advice.


  • Team Leader - Ara McBay

We are lucky to have a large wooden tavern building for Empire and a team of dedicated crew to run it. Team members take money and serve drinks but all of them are in-character at all times, our tavern is an in-character environment that exists to support roleplaying in the game. We try to make sure we have enough crew so that they can work the bar in shifts allowing them to socialize and enjoy the event at other times. We try to arrange bards and performances as often as possible and encourage all the players to use the tavern for any entertainment or meetings they have planned.

Plot Crew

The plot crew are there to bring the IC setting to life and provide engaging encounters and challenges for the players. They include all our writers and NPCs, as well as the support team that help them get into character. The majority of the plot crew are busy throughout the event. The plot crew have their own crew wiki page laying out the organization of the various teams within the department.