Our philosophy is that all live roleplaying games are the product of a community of people developing ideas and games together over time. There are remarkably few new ideas under the sun and each new game builds on the ideas that have gone before it. As such we have no interest in restricting other live roleplayers from using any of the ideas that have been incorporated into our games. We prefer to encourage other live roleplaying organizers that share our ideals to share their work also.

We are frequently emailed by players to ask if they can use text from our games or logos from our website. There really is no need to ask, we're genuinely happy if players find any part of the games we create useful in creating their own games or websites. At the end of the day imitation indicates flattery, acknowledgement indicates respect. The only exception to these rules are for any creative works such as art or music that are used on the wiki, in these cases copyright remains with the author and usage is discussed below.

Empire Copyright


All Profound Decisions games and the content on our websites are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike. This license lets you remix, tweak, and build upon this work even for commercial reasons, as long as you credit and license all new creations under identical terms.

Illustration Art

The artwork created to illustrate the game remains the property of the artists who created it and is used with their kind permission. If you wish to use the images for any reason then you should contact the original artist to request permission. We can pass a request for contact to the artist if you do not know them personally.

Many artists make their living by selling their work. Please do not upload any pieces of artwork to the wiki unless you are certain that you have permission for it to be used here from the artist who created the work.

Game Art

Artwork created to support the game, such as the runes and the maps remains the property of the artists who created it and is used with their kind permission. We appreciate that people will want to reproduce game art and encourage them to do so. There are no restrictions on the use of game art on a non-commercial basis. If you are selling items of LRP equipment that use game art on a commercial basis then you must abide by our fair use policy.

Fair Use Policy

If you are selling items of LRP equipment that use any game art such as the runes or map then you are welcome to do so provided that you charge no more for the item than you would for an equivalent item with the same level of decoration or detail with different art on it. We encourage traders to create and sell beautiful pieces of work decorated with Empire game art at a price that reflects their skill and efforts; what we require is that you charge a price for the item that is in line with other work you create with the same level of detail and effort.

Uploading Content

There are many interested individuals who have a vested interest in the content of a photograph, the model shown, the people who made the costume, the photographer, the organizers of the event where the photograph was taken, or the owners of the site where the photograph was taken. If there is an image being used on our wiki that is one of yours in any of these definitions and you are unhappy then please get in touch. We can add an accreditation and a link everywhere the image is used or we can remove it. We will always remove any image as quickly as humanly possible at the request of any concerned party.

Please don't upload images of LRPers to the wiki without ensuring that you have the permission of the players involved in creating the image.

Images from films are used without any intent to challenge the owner's copyright. They are used to direct players to the films and indicate which characters from the films provide good inspiration for the game. Any images uploaded should include captions and accreditation which makes the source clear.

All tunes and lyrics must be credited. We suggest that every piece of music includes the following credits the title, original title if any, words and tune credits (if not traditional). Please do not upload copyrighted material without the explicit permission of the authors/performers, where something is used with permission of the copyright holders please say so.