Volunteer crew are an essential part of Profound Decisions; the events simply couldn't happen without them. We need a large crew to put on the Empire events, so we are dependent on people to volunteer to take part as crew. Crewing is hard work and may mean that you miss out on the fun of playing but crewing is great fun for those that enjoy it and you'll be part of an elite team of people helping to create a fantastic LRP event for over fifteen hundred players. It's a huge responsibility and very rewarding when you see what you've helped to create.

This information is for anyone who is considering volunteering to crew an Empire event. This set of pages explain how crewing works, what options are available and what is expected of our crew. If you are interested in crewing after reading these guidelines then email us and let us know what interests you, or just join Empire Crew Introduction on Facebook to chat to us about getting involved.

Crew Wiki

If you are a member of our crew or you have read the pages here and are looking for more information on crewing, then we have a separate dedicated Empire crew wiki. Although this information is intended for our crew, this wiki is deliberately open to the public so that anyone who is interested in finding out more about how crewing works can read about it. We hope to build on this wiki over time so that is is a definitive resource for crew but also provides useful information for other groups, particularly people interested in running Empire sanctioned events.


Crewing the event is free and includes vouchers for meals up to £6.00 from the caterers and access to hot drinks and snacks in the crew area. You will need to bring your own tent, a sleeping bag and something to sleep on. The crew have their own camp, which is designated for use by crew members only. If you plan to share a tent with a player then you will need to camp in the player area.


Our crew are assigned to a single team from one of three broad areas: the site crew, the event crew and the plot crew. Each team has a head who confirms crew spaces for members of their team. If you want to volunteer for crewing then it's useful to tell us what team or teams you'd like to help out in. You aren't restricted to working with just one team, but you need to join a team before you can be part of the crew.

Site Crew

The site crew help us get the event ready by putting up tents, setting up the electrics, maintaining the site etc. Those who are helping with set-up need to be on site roughly two days before time-in. Those who are helping with take-down need to be on site until roughly one day after time-out. We aim to complete take-down by nightfall the day after the event.

If you are part of the site crew then you are encouraged to get involved and take part in crewing the rest of the event, but if you prefer to play then you are welcome to do that instead. Bear in mind though that you might be called on during the event to help with any issues that are relevant to your team.

The site crew are made up of six teams: site set-up, gate, security, set dressing, sparkies, and hygiene. Read the site crew page to find out more about what is involved in joining one of these teams.

Event Crew

The event crew help us to run the event, handling all the necessary logistics to keep the game going. They include the GOD team, the referees, the Tavern crew, weapon checkers, and crew welfare -- who see to the well-being of the three hundred plus other members of crew on site!

Event crew is a great role for anyone who wants to help players enjoy the event and doesn't mind not being in-character for most of the event. Most event crew need to be on site well before time-in to help get the game ready. It is fantastic if you can lend a hand for a few hours taking down the GOD tent after the event, but it isn't a requirement.

Other than the weapon-checkers who are needed at set times, most event crew are too busy throughout the event to get more than a few hours off to play.

Read the event crew page to find out more about what is involved in joining one of these teams.

Plot Crew

The plot crew are there to bring the Empire setting to life and try to make each event as dramatic and engaging as possible. We need good writers as part of our plot team, but good NPCs are also essential, whether playing the same role each event as part of the Anvil field team or playing a multitude of different parts in the skirmish or plot NPC team. And the NPCs need several teams to support them so that the make-up, costume and props are available. Everyone involved with plot works together to create the plot, get the NPCs briefed and into character, and to respond to the actions of the players as the plot unfolds.

Plot crew only need to be on site shortly before time-in ready for the game. It is great if you can lend a hand for a few hours taking down the monster tent after the event, but plot crew is a great role for anyone who wants to be right in the heart of the game but cannot get to the event early or stay late.

Plot crew are very busy throughout every event. This means that it is impossible to play an event and be a member of the plot crew, although you will get a chance to take a few hours off each event to get out and socialize in-character if you want to.

The plot crew are made up of several teams, costume, make-up, skirmish, plot NPCs, field NPCs, and writers. Read the plot crew page to find out more about what is involved in joining one of these teams.

The head of the PD plot team is Andy Rafferty.


There is no expectation that crew commit to attending all four events each year. Some roles are only suitable for crew who can make the majority of the events, but there are many crew roles that are useful even if you only make one event a year.

We operate a permanent crew system and encourage people to become a full time member of the crew team rather than play some events and crew others. However, you are welcome to resume playing in the future if you choose to do so. You can let us know at any time if you’re not enjoying what you are doing as crew and equally we’ll be honest with you if we feel it’s not working out.


It is important to us that the crewing experience is enjoyable and rewarding not least because we depend on our crew for so much. We believe that our first responsibility is to our crew and that the best way to deliver a great event for players is if the crew are really enjoying what they are doing. So if you are crewing the event then please remember that you come to events to enjoy yourself and that, as the people who do the work to put the event on, you have more right than anyone to enjoy it!

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