The event crew handle the event logistics and support functions throughout the event, answering questions and helping players and even other crew get the most from the game. Most of the teams are based out of the GOD tent, which is the hub for all event administration. There are lots of different event crew roles, to cover the wide range of administrative, reffing and support tasks needed to keep the event running smoothly. Whether reffing the game, manning the god or pulling pints for players in the Anvil tavern, the event crew are a vital part of the game.

Being part of the event crew is a full time role during the event for all the teams except weapon-check, but most of the teams are large enough to have organized rotas allowing crew to take some time off to enjoy the event. You don't need to have any experience to join the event crew, just a desire to support and help players enjoy the game to the full.

Why Get Involved?

The event crew are the public face of Profound Decisions presenting Empire to everyone who attends our event. The god team organize and prepare everything the players need to play the game, while the refs answer questions and oversee the smooth running of the game. Even the crew working the tavern are representing us while the crew welfare team play the most vital role of all looking after our crew. It's a big responsibility, but as part of the event crew you'll be able to see first hand the appreciation that delivering a great game creates.

Our event crew are not expected to handle complaints, you should immediately pass those to Profound Decisions management team to deal with. But you will get to solve problems and sort difficulties for players and have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped deliver the game.

Most of the positions on the event crew are highly specialized so you'll need to learn what is involved over time. However there is room for anyone to join the team provided you have some experience of live roleplaying and you'll be working together with a team of crew who can show you the ropes. Most of the roles are not physically demanding though you will be up and active when you're crewing.

You'll be working during the event, but the event crew teams are generally large enough that crew can take some hours off to enjoy each event with friends. Crewing is a lot of fun and you'll get a chance to meet and talk to most of the players.


There are seven event crew teams covering a range of game functions, god, refs, tavern, weapon check, IT, and crew welfare. Most of the teams work independently of each other, although both god and refs work closely together in the GOD tent. Make sure you let us know which team you are interested in being part of if you want to join the event crew.

God & Gate

The Games Operation Desk (better known as GOD) provide a customer service desk to players and crew during time in. With close to 2000 players and 300+ crew needing to collect their player packs, before time in, it can get pretty busy! The team handle all the event administration for players, checking bookings, creating character packs for new bookings and being the first point of contact for any player who needs help.

The Gate team is run by Jake Gilbert, they are responsible for welcoming you to the event, taking gate bookings and directing you on to the traffic management team who who will further direct you around site. The gate team have a rota which covers 12:00 on Thursday through to 22:00 on Friday night.


The refs operate a desk in the GOD tent so that any player has a guaranteed point of contact. The desk is usually manned by Emma Woods (Head Ref), Kiwi or Tea Kew. Meanwhile the rest of the team wander the Anvil field looking for players who need help. We operate a wireless network across the site providing our refs with tablets so that they can access and update the game database from anywhere on site. There is always stuff to do, from simple things like helping players use magic items, to reffing plots or players carrying performing surgery, rituals, or even murders!

Reffing Empire is a complex and skilled role and you will need to develop a good understanding of the rules to become a capable ref. However Emma or another senior referee is always on the radio throughout the event to provide constant support and answer any questions, so there is plenty of opportunity to learn on the job. Ultimately what you need to join the team is a careful and considered manner, a little courtesy, and a desire to learn about the game.

Weapon Check

We have a large team of approved weapon checkers who are needed to check the weapons and equipment that players and traders bring to every event as well as the weapons in PD's own armoury. Mike "Firepit" Hilton is the head of the team, and the final authority for any weapon. Weapon checking is available throughout the event but most of the work happens before the event starts and before the big battles each day. The weapon check points can currently be found near the roadway at the bottom of the Highguard Camp. This means that event crew on this team are able to play the game with only minor disruption if they want to do that when they are not weapon checking rather than help out in other areas. Several members of the GOD team are also trained weapon checkers but please don't take your weapons here as a matter of course to be checked.

Weapon checkers need to be observant and thorough so that they can identify unsafe weapons, but they also need to be courteous and polite so that they can explain the problems to players when their weapons fail. Some experience of live roleplaying is essential and any experience checking weapons in other systems will help. Each game has its own standards however, and Profound Decisions is no exception, so all new members of the team will be expected to spend some time with Mike or another senior member of the team to ensure that they check to the right standard for Empire.


We have a small IT team who set up and maintain our servers and site-wide wireless network each event. Other crew teams are responsible for setting up their own PCs on the network, but the IT team fix any problems that develop.

Clive Evans is the team leader of the IT team. You need to be a competent technician with experience of the appropriate systems to be able to help the IT team with their work.

Crew Welfare

We have a small crew welfare hut which is usually positioned near the monster tent and is kept supplied with food, drinks and snacks for the crew. Ensuring the hut is kept clean and well-stocked is one of the responsibilities of the crew welfare team who are based out of here during the event. It is the team's responsibility to look after the welfare of the 350 crew we have at most Empire events, providing help and support for any member of crew who needs it. Any member of crew who has a problem can go to the crew welfare team for help and advice.

Louise Venning is the team leader of the crew welfare team. You don't need any experience to join the crew welfare team, you just need to enjoy talking to people and helping them sort their problems.


We are lucky to have a large wooden tavern building for Empire and a team of dedicated crew to run it. Team members take money and serve drinks but all of them are in-character at all times, our tavern is an in-character environment that exists to support roleplaying in the game. We try to make sure we have enough crew so that they can work the bar in shifts allowing them to socialize and enjoy the event at other times. We try to arrange bards and performances as often as possible and encourage all the players to use the tavern for any entertainment or meetings they have planned.

You don't need any experience to join the tavern team, it's an easy role even if you have never roleplayed before. Provided you enjoy working in a busy social environment then you are welcome on the team. Being part of the tavern crew puts you right at the heart of Anvil while the game is happening and gives you a chance to see the event and talk to the characters throughout as each event unfolds. Pip E Hall is the team leader of the tavern team.


Event crew are generally busy throughout the event, so it is not a role that you can easily combine with playing the game, unless you are part of the weapon-checking team. All crew are able to take a few hours off during the event, so you will have a chance to socialize with friends at the event.

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