Plot is the biggest department in Empire, as it incorporates all our NPCs, our plot writers and runners as well as characters like the nation bards, egregores, civil servants and magistrates and back room operations crew who work in costume and make-up. We need lots of people to help us fill out all these roles, so if you're interested in getting involved in the IC side of Empire then we're keen to talk to you.

People sometimes assume that the plot crew is a good way for a brand new player to try Empire, but the truth is that everyone who works in the plot department is expected to have a good familiarity with the campaign setting. They need to know much more about the game than an average player and some basic experience with live roleplaying is usually valuable. Ultimately though the most important thing is enthusiasm so the plot crew welcome anyone who is keen to try out crewing.

Why Get Involved?

Being part of the right team on the plot crew can give you the opportunity to do the parts of LRP you like most. If you really enjoy fighting, then the skirmish team is perfect for you, if you like to play lots of different roles then the plot NPC team will suit you best. If you enjoy writing or running plot, making props or costume, or creating prosthetics of applying make-up then the plot crew includes specialized teams who do just that.

As one of the plot crew you'll be part of a great team that helps to create the event, but if you're playing an NPC then you also have a chance to roleplay and interact with the other characters in the game. Or as part of the back-room staff who run the monster tent and keep everything going you'll get a chance to be part of the plot being put together and sent out. If you enjoy creating plot, then writing for Empire gives you a chance to do work with some incredibly talented people and create plot on an epic scale.

Being part of the plot crew is pretty non-stop throughout the event. We'll try to give you a few hours off each event, so you can relax and socialize with friends, but it's not something you can easily combine with playing. It is hard work and you'll be challenged to constantly push yourself to try new things, but it's a fantastic team to be part of and a lot of fun.


There are many different teams in the plot crew, all of whom operate out of the monster tent - a massive tent full of people, costume and kit. It's a great environment to work in, there is always something going on as crew get briefed, dressed and made-up for their next part. At the end of the event all the plot crew come together to get the tent cleared quickly under guidance from the costume and props team.

Plot Team

The plot writers create the plot lines that help make Empire such an exciting game to play. Writers at Empire are encouraged to brief and run their own plot, though we are on hand to help at every stage. Running plot includes briefing and debriefing NPCs and helping to get encounters ready by liaising with costume and make-up. Some plot writers choose to play plot NPC roles or perform other responsibilities during the weekend when they are not briefing their plot.

Being an Empire plot writer is a great role if you enjoy creating plot and enjoy seeing players enjoy the game you have helped create. A little experience in writing is always useful, but is not essential. What is often more important is to have some experience playing a large fest LRP game, so that you understand and enjoy the kind of political game that we run. If you have ever wanted to create plot for a big game with over fifteen hundred players, this is your chance!

The plot writing team is run by Andy Rafferty. Andy has decades of plot writing experience, creating plot for fest systems like Maelstrom, Odyssey, and Empire. As the lead writer for the Empire setting he knows the campaign better than anyone and works closely with the writers to help them create plot that will bring that setting to life.

Beth Charlton

Plot NPC Team

Our plot NPC team play the roles that have been created and written by the plot writers that happen on the field and in the Hall of Worlds. Members of the team portray minor Imperial NPCs, eternals and their heralds and representatives of other foreign powers. It is a great role for anyone who enjoys working with writers to create enjoyable plot for players.

The team is run by Beth Charlton who also handles all requests to join the plot crew, talking to people to make sure they know what is involved. Beth works with the NPCs to try and ensure that they get a chance to play the kind of roles that they enjoy.


Our skirmish team are the dedicated crew whose responsibility is to bring to life the battles, skirmishes and quests that the players choose to fight. There is a great team spirit amongst those who enjoy being part of what is effectively our monster faction. We aim to run all our fights using IC leadership and commands, so there are a range of roles for people.

The skirmish team is a great role for anyone who enjoys fighting and roleplaying a warrior or similar character on a battlefield. It is run by Chira Roberts, Faith Lilley and Matt Moya.

Clare Evans

Field NPC Team

We have a number of crew who play a single recurring role based in Anvil throughout the weekend. These roles are highly specialized with a clear focus on providing support and assistance to the game and the players. The civil servants support the main political structures of the Empire, providing logistical support to the players to run the Empire. The magistrates operate the Empire's legal system directing the player militia as they follow up crimes that have taken place. Our egregores are based in the nations themselves with a remit to support the feel of the nation and encourage the roleplaying in the camp, while the bards in the Three Refrains are more likely to wander the Imperial camps looking to bring music and aid to the people of the Empire. Finally our Academy team look after the interests of our younger players. The Head of the Field NPC team is Clare Evans and the Head of the Civil Service team is Jonathan Kidger.

Plot Production

Dhiamara Coulson
Phil D'Souza

The Plot Production department consists of several smaller teams: Costume, Makeup, Props, Encounter Tents, SFX, and Workshop. Together, these teams are responsible for bringing the ideas of our plot writers to life and ensuring that the game world accurately reflects the design briefs, both creatively and logistically. Additionally, all plot production teams are required to set up and take down their respective areas, as well as manage them during the event.

The Costume and Makeup teams work closely with the NPC team to ensure that they are appropriately dressed for their various roles during each event. During events the costume team keep the kit rails tidy, accessible & organised, and are responsible for maintaining the consistency of kit briefs entering the player field. They are also in charge of creating, acquiring and repairing kit, typically during the downtime between events. The makeup team is responsible for transforming our NPCs into a wide range of characters, from colorful heralds from magical realms to lineage prosthetics and realistic wound makeup. They maintain a catalog of previous designs to reference and replicate, ensuring aesthetic continuity between events.

The Props department is responsible for organizing and maintaining PD's props and fulfilling prop requests from the running plots of each event. They also distribute props that have been returned from plots back to their relevant labeled storage crates.

The Encounter Tent team is in charge of set dressing and creating spaces that represent different parts of the game world outside of Anvil. This allows multiple plots to run simultaneously for small groups of players, including Past Life Visions (PLVs) and Plenipotentiaries. Each tent usually has a predetermined theme for each event to support the needs of the plots, and these sets are changed multiple times during each event, whether it's changing color schemes and decorations or creating major rebuilds, such as a collapsed mineshaft obstacle course.

The SFX team is in charge of lighting, sound, projection, atmospheric effects, and pyrotechnics. They primarily operate in the Encounter Tents, the Regio, the Hall of Worlds, and the Skirmish Woods, setting up, operating, and taking down all equipment in these areas. They are also responsible for operating gas-powered portable smoke machines and any smoke grenades used on-site.

The Workshop consists of members from other Plot Production teams who utilize a wide range of skills to create bespoke props and set pieces. They work on various tasks such as creating banners, sculptures, wood carving, pyrography, and even creepy dolls used in rituals.

The heads of the Plot Production and SFX department is Phil D'Souza. Dhiamara Coulson is the head of the Costume team, Vicki Stephenson heads the Makeup team, Paul Cope is in charge of Props, and Jessica Simpson leads the Encounter Tent team.


Plot crew are generally busy throughout the event, so it is not a role that you can combine with playing the game. All crew are able to take a few hours off during the event, so you will have a chance to socialize with friends at the event.

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