With around three thousand players at each event, Empire has an active online community that use a wide range of different social media. We maintain our own Facebook groups and forums for users to discuss the game and related issues but there are also a plethora of Facebook groups used by different groups of players.


Profound Decisions also host their own official Empire forum for players and crew alike. These forums are moderated by the same team that supervise all our official Facebook groups to ensure posts remain civil and relevant. They are a great place to chat with the game designers or the crew about any aspect of Empire especially for those who prefer the kind of longer, more thoughtful conversations, that forums encourage.

Empire Forums And Facebook

Facebook Page and Group

We maintain our own official Facebook page which we try to update regularly with blog posts and important news about the game. If you just want to keep abreast of the latest news it is worth liking and following the page.

In addition we run the Empire Facebook group where participants can discuss anything Empire related. The group is firmly moderated to ensure that conversations remain polite and on-topic. If you want to have a public discussion with the game designers or the crew about any aspect of Empire then this is a great place for it.

Player Support & New Player Help

We also have an official Facebook group that is just for providing support for players especially for new players who are seeking help. If you are new to the game and full of questions then this is the best place to start your journey. There are lots of players in the group who are keen to help as well as key members of our player support team who are on hand to help you get questions answered and problems sorted.

Adverts and promotion

We have a dedicated Advert group for IC and OC adverts, promotions, posters and notices. If you’re interested in any of the various goods and services available to players and characters in Empire, this is a great place to come and see what’s on.

If you have an IC advert OR an OC advert for anything that costs IC or OC money, including:

  • IC items you are selling IC for money
  • IC raffles, gambling houses, or tourneys which are pay-to-enter
  • IC services such as poetry, fortune telling, or performance
  • Artwork commissions, IC or OC
  • IC cake, cafes, bars
  • IC publications, papers and books
  • IC auctions
  • an IC business dealing in resources of any kind in uptime eg an apothecary service
  • OC trader products eg larpsafe weapons and armour
  • secondhand kit sales

This is the place to post. The posting rules remain the same; you can post in the Adverts and promotion group, and in one Nation of your choice, once a month.

For events or items that are free, or for player events, these can be posted in Empire LRP group and/or one Nation of your choice, once a month.

Nation Groups

We also operate an official Facebook group for each of the nations. These are a great place to chat with other participants who play in that nation and also help with things like camp planning and pointing people towards groups that are looking for new characters.

Unofficial Facebook Groups

There are a plethora of Empire Facebook groups that have been created by players. These groups are not official and are not moderated by Profound Decisions. They are a good place to go if you are interested in talking to other players about a specific aspect of the game. They include a Facebook group for each of the lineage options (listed below)

Please note that these groups are unofficial so they are not moderated by us!