The overwhelming majority of game items in Empire cannot be taken without the owner's knowledge. You can trick or threaten another character into giving you an item, or you can loot them if they are unresisting, but you can't take items without the other participant being aware of it. The only exception to this rule is for unique game items that have a gold ribbon attached.

Gold Ribbon Items

  • Game items that have a gold ribbon attached are the only items that can be taken without the owner's knowledge
  • Gold ribbon items must be handed into GOD by 3.30 p.m. on Sunday
  • The ribbon must remain attached to the phys-rep at all times

Unique items in Empire, such as the Imperial Crown, are indicated with a gold ribbon. These are the only items that you are allowed to take without the other particpant's knowledge. You can only take such an item from an in-character area during time-in, and provided you don't enter someone's tent without their invitation to take them.

The vast majority of these have a phys-rep which is provided by Profound Decisions. The item will have a special gold ribbon (instead of a regular white item ribbon). The ribbon must remain attached to the item at all times. You must hand the item into GOD before 3:30pm on Sunday at each Profound Decisions event; it can be collected at the start of the next event by you or someone you nominate.

All Other Items

  • Do not take any other items without the owner's knowledge

You are not permitted to take any other item in Empire without the owner's knowledge.

You are allowed to threaten or trick a character out of their valuables, so you can take items if they are given to you by the particiant, even if you have intimidated or tricked the character. Provided you are roleplaying and interacting with a character over the exchange of items, then that is acceptable to take any items the person gives you. Interaction includes searching an unresisting character - if you search a target, then you can take any items you find or can point to. What you cannot do is take regular items without their OOC knowledge.

Searching a Character

  • You must not touch another participant while searching
  • You must use appropriate roleplaying searching for at least 30 seconds
  • You can always take any in-character item that you can point to from an unresisting character

You can always take any in-character item that you can point to from an unresisting character. You can search an unresisting character to attempt to find any valuable items that they are carrying on their person that are not visible. You can only do this if you have both hands free. To search a character you must use appropriate roleplaying for at least thirty seconds. You can mime patting a person down, while keeping your hands well away so you don't come close to touching them. If you complete the count without interruption then the target must give you every IC item that they are carrying.

Looting Items

  • You can loot items from a fallen character
  • If you are looting a magic item, only take the ribbon unless the victim explicitly asks you to take the phys-rep
  • Any phys-reps looted from a battlefield must be returned to GOD before you resume playing your character in Anvil
  • You can replace a shattered weapon or shield if you can loot an equivalent item on the battlefield

You can loot items from another character but you must check with the person whose character you are looting. If you are stealing a ribboned item they you should take only the ribbon unless the owner asks you to take the phys-rep and keep it with the ribbon. If you take a ribbon you should put the ribbon on a suitable phys-rep of your own as soon as possible after the battle is over.

If you loot a phys-rep from a battlefield, either an item or banner or equivalent, then you must return it to GOD before you resume playing your character in Anvil. All phys-reps, including barbarian banners, must be returned in this way.

If your character is looting a weapon or shield from the battlefield so that you can replace a shattered item then you must loot an item that is equivalent to the phys-rep you are going to use. If your character has a large round shield - you must loot another large shield (not a buckler). If your character has a spear - you could replace a shattered spear by looting a similar size polearm - not a sword or axe. You must check with the character you are looting the item from; you cannot loot a shattered item or an item that has already been looted by another character. In any case, you must not take phys-reps from our volunteer monsters, you must have your own phys-rep ready to use.

IC Tents

  • Do not enter people's in-character tents unless you have been invited to do so by the owner

Many people sleep in their in-character tents at Empire and may need to store important OOC belongings in their tents. You must treat other people's spaces with respect - this means you must not enter an in-character tent unless you have their invitation to do so.

Lost Property

  • Lost property should be brought to GOD
  • You will be allowed to keep any IC valuables you find and bring to GOD

If you find any lost property at the event that includes IC valuables then you should bring them straight to GOD. Our GOD team will go through any pouch or purse to identify the owner if possible and separate any IC and OOC valuables. The GOD team will take your CID and then you will be allowed to keep any IC valuables if you found them in an IC area of the field outside a tent, if your character wishes to do so.