It is important to do everything reasonable to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Although most experienced live rolepayers are familiar with the basic LRP safety concepts, please make sure that you read these rules so that you understand the specific requirements for battles and fight safety at Empire events.

Event safety


The basic rules for safety at events, including how to fight safely, the need for weapon checking and how to indicate and respond to non-combatants.

Bow safety


Bows and crossbows are among the more dangerous weapons in use on a LRP battlefield. You must know and follow these rules if you plan to use a bow.

Weapon checking


Every weapon, shield, implement, bow and arrow must be checked before every PD event you attend. These are the guidelines used by our weapon checking team.

Fire performance


The basic rules covering all fire performances at events, including how to contact us to arrange it and guidelines on appropriate clothing, storage, and location.

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