Profound Decisions get regular requests from players and crew to allow various forms of fire based performance to take place at their events. Wherever it is possible to safely do so, we are happy to comply - the rules below outline the basic framework that covers all players attempting this.

Basic Considerations

  • A designated member of PD crew must be present
  • You must be completely sober
  • All performers must be dressed appropriately

Because of the nature of the live-roleplay environment, any fire performance is effectively a public performance, and as such we run to tighter safety standards than might be appropriate for a private gathering.

A designated member of PD crew must be present throughout your performance, to provide oversight, and to ensure that a radio is available if anything were to go wrong. A small number of PD crew are experienced at putting on such performances themselves, and they will try to make themselves available when this is compatible with their other roles and duties. We advise you to email us at fire@profounddecisions.co.uk in advance of the event, since that makes it more likely that we will be able to schedule cover, but we will do our best to satisfy requests made at the event itself. At the event, your best bet is to go to GOD, and ask to speak to the ref desk, who will take details or put you in contact.

Performers must not be intoxicated in any manner. We often get questions about this one, but there is no scope for flexibility.


Performers must be dressed appropriately. As a guideline, tight-fitting natural fibres are good, and anything loose, diaphanous or synthetic is bad. Synthetic fabrics can catch fire more easily - and often lead to worse burns if they do ignite. The perils of loose, floaty costume elements are obvious. It is advisable to wear appropriate foot gear in which you are happy to stamp out small fires - and to keep any latex-coated weapons away from the performance (this last primarily because liquid paraffin, and fire, are both bad for such props). You may also wish to cover hair, depending on the props you are using. A simple cotton bandana works well.

Performers should be familiar and competent with the props they are using - unless they are actively being taught, in which case we would expect someone experienced to be providing them one-to-one tuition and supervision.


  • You must contact us before the event if you are using unusual props or fuel
  • You should supply your own safety equipment
  • You must ensure that any fuel is stored appropriately

If you are using unusual props or fuel, it is essential that you email us before the event, in order to give us time to do the background research required to properly evaluate the safety precautions you have taken. You can assume we are familiar with liquid paraffin as a fuel; and poi, staves, clubs, knives, fans, swords and palms - with a conventional kevlar wick construction; plus fire-breathing.

We prefer you to supply your own safety equipment, at a minimum a fire blanket, and optionally also a bucket of water, a wet towel, and/or a fire extinguisher suitable for using on tents. PD may be able to supply these, but you should always email before the event if you require this. As far as first-aid cover goes, the event first-aid team will be alerted that the performance is occurring, and may make preparations, or be in attendance, at their discretion - so that is not something you need to supply.

You must store fuel safely and sensibly when it is not in use; we are always willing to have the sparky team store it in the fenced off generator area, if you have any concerns about your own ability to store it safely.


  • You should supply a safety spotter
  • You must agree the location of your performance with us
  • Anyone holding a lit prop is automatically noncombatant

We will ask that you supply a spotter - someone whose primary role will be to maintain an awareness of the performance area, and intervene if they see potential hazards (e.g. bystanders coming too close to performers, a performer igniting their hair without noticing, etc). They will also be responsible for keeping track of safety equipment. They should remain sober, but need not have any experience.

We will discuss suitable locations with you - but in general, think in terms of the access road, and the clearings in the middle of the various national camps, as far away from tentage and trees as it is possible to get within the confines of Anvil.

While it's inevitable that some fuel will splash onto the ground, we do ask that you use suitable containers for dipping, and minimise this.

Anyone holding a lit prop is noncombatant. If attacked, they should focus first on taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure the safety of everyone involved, and then follow as best they can the procedures outlined in the Non-Contact section on the Event Safety page (hand in the air, go to zero hits and start dying).

If you are interested in performing, but have no specific event or occasion in mind, consider asking if there are any informal fire gatherings you could join. For example, there has often been an "open invite" session after dark on Saturday, in Navarr. This will make the logistics easier for PD, making it more likely that we are able to support your request.

Further Reading


  • A helpful video by Nick Turner that goes through the steps of checking an arrow is safe to fire.