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The Autumn Equinox brought opportunities and challenges.


Downtime will be open shortly, allowing players to process their character's downtime choices. The Winter Solstice winds of fortune will come out shortly before the next event. However, there are a number of significant events happening in the wake of the Autumn Equinox that may affect some players' Downtime actions - primarily effects on personal resources or options for characters with military unit or fleet personal resources.

On this page we'll be outlining, and offering some context for, these various effects. In most cases, there will be further information in the Winter Solstice winds of fortune. As always, these are quick OOC summaries to explain effects such as large-scale enchantments and curses. We'll cover all these and more when we start to present the winds of fortune for next event.

Downtime is due to close at midnight on Tuesday 31st October.


Any player whose character controls a military unit can choose from a number of downtime options. Left to their own devices, a military unit defaults to paid work guaranteeing an income of herbs, ingots or measures, money, or mana crystals. Otherwise, they may log into the downtime system and choose to support an army or fortification, or assign to a special project such as a spy network or an adventure. Players who want to support one of the Imperial armies can also read the orders issued by each general before making their decision.

As always, the guidelines around discussing military matters online can be found here.

The Grand Tour

  • Any military unit can take part in the Grand Tour adventure
  • A standard military unit receives 48 rings and six random herbs in place of their normal production

A series of extraordinary tourneys have been arranged across Astolat, Semmerholm, and Weirwater as part of the grand celebrations for the completion of the greatest quest in Dawn's history. Any military unit can take part in the Grand Tour adventure. The new option will appear on the independent action dropdown. Rather than their normal production, a standard military unit will earn 48 rings and six random herbs for undertaking this adventure, with an upgraded or enchanted unit gaining proportionally more.

Imperial Guerdon

The Imperial Guerdon is a bursary set up by the Imperial Senate primarily to reward military units that support Imperial armies, spy networks, and fortifications. The value of the Imperial Guerdon is divided between each military unit and fleet that supports an army in proportion to their effective strength. The Quartermaster General of the Imperial Armies has the power to exclude any or all Imperial armies and navies, fortifications, or special projects (such as spy networks) from the Guerdon. If they do so, then a character who supports such an army, fortification, or special project will receive nothing for doing so.

The Guerdon stands at 350 thrones.

This season, the Quartermaster General of the Imperial Armies has announced that shares of the Guerdon will be shared between military units supporting the following armies or opportunities:


  • Imperial fleets can trade with foreign ports and receive valuable goods
  • Some ports give special bonuses or suffer special penalties
  • They can also take special actions such as engaging in independent action, or embarking on an adventure

Certain trading destinations apply special effects if a fleet visits them, summarized on the Autumn Equinox wind of fortune page. You can also read more about the Empire's foreign relations in the recent Ship to wreck wind of fortune.

Some fleets also have the opportunity to take part in special adventures that provide specific rewards. These options are found in the downtime menu as dropdowns. If you don't want to do something specific, your fleet will automatically participate in privateering - the default independent action available to every fleet captain.

The Calatropos Coast Evacuation

  • Any Freeborn corsair can travel to the Asavean Archipelago to help rebelling slaves escape Plenum forces
  • In place of normal production, a basic fleet would receive 45 rings and four random herbs

The statement of principle of Adón i Martán i Erigo has created an opportunity to rescue rebellious slaves from the city of Marlien in the Asavean Archipelago. Adón called on corsairs to offer their aid to the rebels, and get as many people as possible to safety in the Empire. The majority of the rebels are apparently heading for the Calatropos coast. Without the aid of Imperial fleets, the rebelling slaves will likely be recaptured, and worse. The Calatropos Coast Evacuation adventure is only available to Freeborn corsairs in the independent action dropdown, and is only until the start of the Winter Solstice. In place of the normal production, a standard fleet that helps get the slaves to safety receives the equivalent of 45 rings and four random herbs in the form of goods claimed by the fleeing slaves and gathered from the Calatropos coast. Each fleet committed will also help dozens of former Asavean slaves reach the safety of either the Empire or the Sumaah Republic.

A similar statement from Friar Graffanner in the National Assembly of the Marches failed to achieve a greater majority by a tiny margin, so news of the opportunity will not spread in time for Marcher captains to be able to help the evacuation.

Hunt the Monsters

  • Any Freeborn, Marcher, or Winterfolk with a fleet can journey to the sea of snow to hunt monsters
  • In place of their normal production, a basic fleet would receive an ingot of weltsilver and luxuries worth 3 crowns

With the expansion of the Faraden port of Caitun complete it is now possible for fleets from the Brass Coast, the Marches, and Wintermark to journey to the Sea of Snow in an attempt to hunt the monsters there. The adventure is found in the Independent action dropdown menu and is called Hunter the Monsters. A starting fleet receives 60 rings and one ingot of weltsilver from the grateful Faraden, with upgraded and enchanted fleets having the chance to acquire seahemoth oil, whale horn, or even kraken's ink. More information on this opportunity can be found in the Butterfly in reverse wind of fortune.

Other Effects

Every season sees large-scale effects impact individuals and nations. Where possible we've summarised these effects here.

Broken Blades

  • Congregations in Urizen receive two fewer votes and one fewer liao
  • The effect lasts until the start of the Autumn Equinox 386YE

Following the repudiation of Sulemaine by the Urizen national assembly, in the light of their prior endorsement of the so-called "Paragon of Blades", their moral authority has been significantly undermined. For the next year, every congregation in Urizen receives two fewer votes and one fewer liao. As detailed in the A Wisdom of Questions wind of fortune.

The Grendel Unleashed

  • All fleets in the Brass Coast, Highguard, Urizen, Feroz, Sarvos, Spiral, and Tassato will suffer a -1 rank penalty following the Autumn Equinox 385YE

Following the end of the peace treaty the Grendel every Imperial fleet in the Brass Coast, Highguard, Urizen, Feroz, Sarvos, Spiral, and Tassato will suffer a -1 rank penalty to production as independent Grendel attack their ships. This might represent lost cargo, missed opportunities, the additional costs required to hire marines, or the need to travel more slowly as part of a heavily-protected group of trading ships. There's no way to say how long this state of affairs will continue.

Send In the Magistrates

  • All personal resources in Bregasland suffer a -1 rank penalty until the start of the Winter Solstice 385YE

The Imperial Senate passed a motion to invite the magistrates to go in force to Bregasland to investigate the recent events surrounding the households of Bregasland and to root out the traitors.

Every personal resource in the territory will suffer a -1 rank penalty until the start of the Winter Solstice 385YE as a result of this disruption.

Hunger of the Icy Maw

  • All mana sites in the Urizen territories of Redoubt and Morrow suffer half production

All mana sites in Redoubt and Morrow provide only half as many mana crystals as they would otherwise produce this season. The ritual Icy Maw Devours the Spark of Essence has been performed targeting both territories.

Frozen Pools of Reflection

  • A curse has fallen upon Casinea encouraging bad weather and fear of frozen surfaces

Bad weather settles across Casinea as small pools of still water seem to freeze in unlikely situations. Any living creature that looks into the mirrored ice sees themselves and the spectres of all those they have wronged. Some affected by these spectres become scared of all frozen surfaces, while others take the chance to come to terms with the skeletons in their closet.

Hunt the Whisper Gallery

  • Every mana site in Highguard produces 1 fewer mana crystal until the start of the Winter Solstice 385YE

Thanks to the mandate enacted by the Highborn Assembly at the Summer Solstice 385YE there is a hunt for agents of the Whisper Gallery underway. The disruption this causes means mana sites in Highguard produce one fewer mana crystal.

Feast and Frost

  • Every mana site in the Brass Coast provides one fewer mana crystal, and every herb garden loses three drams of true vervain from their production until the start of the Summer Solstice 386YE
  • In return Tharim provides support to the Fire of the South

Following a declaration of concord by the Golden Pyramid during the 385YE Summer Solstice, the eternal Tharim, the Bound King of the Thrice-cursed Court is free to feast on mana sites and herb gardens across the Brass Coast. A terrible black frost will wither plants and drain the essence from crystals to satiate Tharim's endless hunger. All affected resources in the territory lose 1 mana crystal or 3 drams of true vervain as appropriate until the start of the Summer Solstice 386YE. In return, the Bound King will provide a cadre of steel-bound knights throughout this period to support the Fire of the South army.

Dho'uala's Tithe

  • Fleets from Dawn, Varushka, and Holberg once again suffer a 1 rank penalty to production
  • The Custodian of the Ivarsgard Docks and the Harbourmaster of the Semmerlak have had some of the prices for their ministries increased

The rise of the sovereign Dho'uala in the Semmerlak once again impedes fleets based in Dawn, Varushka, and Holberg reducing their production by one rank. Any Dawnish, Varushkan, or Holberg character is free to create their own eerie tales of brushes with the terror of the Semmerlak. The examples given in the Underwater sunshine wind of fortune should provide enough inspiration for a ghostly tale; these are not glorious battles on the deck of a ship or hordes of horrors clawing up the side of the hull. Rather they are spooky encounters, weird lights, strange disappearances, feelings of being watched, and odd things seen in the depths.

Imperial titles related to ports on the Semmerlak continue to be affected. The price for cerulean mazzarine from the Sarcophan captains dealing with the Custodian of Ivarsgard Docks is still increased by a fifth. The Harbourmaster of the Semmerlak continues to be unable to purchase ilium but they are still able to purchase wains of weirwood, albeit at increased prices.

Power of Faith

  • Highborn congregations receive an additional liao, 2 extra votes, and a crown of additional income
  • League congregations preaching Ambition receive an additional liao and two additional votes in the synod

This season there are several circumstances that affect the production of congregations in the Empire. The Birthplace of the Way means that Highguard congregations gain an additional dose of liao, two additional votes in the Synod, and a crown of income until the end of the Winter Solstice 385YE as detailed in Full of sacred sound.

At the same time, congregations run by a League citizen preaching Ambition receive an additional liao and two additional votes in the Imperial Synod until the end of the Winter Solstice 385YE. This is explored in more depth in the Don't blame me wind of fortune.

Free Folk Tutelage

  • Every business in Highguard experiences a -1 rank penalty to production for the rest of the year

The Free Folk seek tutelage in the use of liao to perform the ceremonies Imperial priests take for granted. The national assembly of Highguard has urged the benefactors of their nation to help support these would-be priests, providing scholarships and bursaries. Every business in Highguard takes a -1 penalty to production until the end of the Winter Solstice 385YE. This situation is discussed in more detail in the Folklore wind of fortune.

Everything Costs

  • Businesses in the League cost one less wain to upgrade until the start of the Winter Solstice 385YE
  • Only wains added to commissions before the end of downtime count towards the grand competition

Upgrading a business personal resource costs one less wain of white granite than usual as part of a grand competition. This effect is detailed in the The money goes round wind of fortune.

Atalaya Harbour

  • Fleets in Madruga cost one less wain to upgrade

Upgrading a fleet personal resource costs one less wain of weirwood for as long as the Atalaya Harbour remains and the Freeborn do not control Feroz. This effect is detailed in the The power behind our moves wind of fortune.