To accept the peace treaty with the Grendel.

Proposed by Madruga, seconded by the Conscience of the Senate



  • Autumn 383YE


Civil service records indicate the following points were agreed in the treaty with the Grendel.

  • There will be peace between the Empire and the Grendel for two years, to be renegotiated in eighteen months during the Spring Equinox 385YE
  • The Grendel will not trade with the Druj, nor offer them any other material assistance in their military engagement against the Empire,
  • The Grendel will release Imperial slaves, one for each day that the treaty is upheld, with the first lot two weeks after the treaty then each month after that.
  • The Empire cede the regions of Afarjasse and Morajasse in Feroz, and Ankra, Cinion and Ateri in Spiral to the Grendel
  • The Empire will not build any shipyards or navies in the Bay of Catazar for the duration of the treaty
  • The citizens currently in the regions to be ceded will be allowed two season's grace to relocate to Imperial territory with all of their possessions
  • No raiding will take place from either side against the other
  • Any altercation that involves citizens of the Empire or the Grendel in the others territories should be dealt with between the ambassadors in the first instance.

Campaign Outcome

  • The Grendel orcs are now foreigners
  • It is illegal for Imperial ships to raid Grendel vessels, or to attack the Broken Shore.

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