• A starting character has 8 points to spend on skills
Combat Skills Magical Skills Surgical Skills
Thrown1 Magician †2 Chirurgeon †1
Ambidexterity1 Extra Mana1* Physick3
Weapon Master2 [Extra Spell] 1** Apothecary2
Marksman4 Battle Mage2 [Extra Recipe]1**
Shield2 Spring Lore1*
Endurance2* Summer Lore1* Religious Skills
Fortitude1* Autumn Lore1* Dedication2
Winter Lore1* Anointing1
Heroic skills Day Lore1* Consecration1
Hero †2 Night Lore1* Excommunication1
Extra Hero Points1* [Extra Ritual]1** Exorcism1
Cleaving Strike1 Hallow1
Mortal Blow ‡1 Crafting Skills Insight1
Mighty Strikedown ‡1 Artisan †4 Testimony1
Relentless2 [Extra Item]1**
Stay With Me1
Get it Together1

* You may buy this skill multiple times. The cost increases by 1 point each time.

** You may buy this skill multiple times. The cost is the same each time.

† This skill is a pre-requisite for all other skills in this section. You must buy this skill before buying any of the skills listed in the section below it.

‡ Weapon master is a prerequisite for these two skills.

Spending exp is not mandatory, and any unspent exp is saved. Characters who have not spent any exp can use the Apprentice Ability

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