• A starting character has 8 points to spend on skills
Combat Skills Magical Skills Surgical Skills
Thrown1 Magician †2 Chirurgeon †1
Ambidexterity1 Extra Mana1* Physick3
Weapon Master2 Extra Spell1** Apothecary2
Marksman4 Battle Mage2 Extra Recipe1**
Shield2 Spring Lore1*
Endurance2* Summer Lore1* Religious Skills
Fortitude1* Autumn Lore1* Dedication †2
Dreadnought1 Winter Lore1* Anointing1
Day Lore1* Consecration1
Heroic skills Night Lore1* Excommunication1
Hero †2 Extra Ritual1** Exorcism1
Extra Hero Points1* Hallow1
Cleaving Strike1 Crafting Skills Insight1
Mortal Blow ‡1 Artisan †4 Testimony1
Mighty Strikedown ‡1 Extra Item1**
Stay With Me1
Get it Together1

* You may buy this skill multiple times. The cost increases by 1 point each time.

** You may buy this skill multiple times. The cost is the same each time.

† This skill is a pre-requisite for all other skills in this section. You must buy this skill before buying any of the skills listed in the section below it.

‡ Weapon master is a prerequisite for these two skills.

You gain 1 additional xp (experience point) every other event you attend in the same year.

You do not have to spend all your xp, any unspent xp is saved. Characters who have not purchased any skills can use the apprentice ability.

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