By hallowing an object, the priest creates a potent item aura drawn from their virtue. Item auras produce a roleplaying effect which can influence the way the character with the item acts, but they do not act as a source of spiritual strength so they cannot be used to overcome other roleplaying effects.

An item may only have one aura on it at once, so creating a new aura automatically replaces any existing standard aura. A strong aura is more difficult to remove. Characters with the same virtue can cooperate to create a strong hallowing or to remove or replace an existing one.

The hallow ceremony is not the only way that an object may acquire an influential aura. There are many stories of an item used in a significant, dramatic way acquiring a spontaneous aura associated with spiritual power - although such events are hardly common. Some curses and dangerous spirits have the ability to create effects similar in effect to a hallowing, especially on items central to the nature of the malediction or ghost.

Auras by virtue


  • Requires a dose of liao and at least ten seconds appropriate roleplaying
  • Requires the presence and assistance of a referee
  • It is not possible to use hallow to create an aura on large immobile objects.
  • The priest must choose which aura they are creating during the ceremony

Hallowing an item uses a dose of liao. Performing the ceremony requires at least ten seconds of appropriate roleplaying and the item must be close enough to touch throughout.

After you hallow an item it is infused with a standard item aura that makes the bearer subject to a roleplaying effect chosen by you. You must choose one aura from the list available for the virtue you are dedicated to. It may take a short time for the aura to form completely.

You must have a referee to perform a hallowing. The referee will take your liao. You should then go to GOD to exchange your ribbon for the replacement with the hallowing effect added.

You can use hallow on any item - even if it does not have a ribbon.


  • Hallow creates an item aura on a mundane or magic item and names the item
  • The name given to a hallowed item must be in English
  • A hallowing on a bonded magic item lasts as long as the item remains enchanted; a hallowing on a mundane item lasts for a year (until the start of the Profound Decisions Empire event four events from now).
  • Anyone who examines the item will be able to sense the presence of the aura
  • Orcs are affected by hallowed items just like any other character
  • A hallowing does not provide a source of spiritual strength for overcoming roleplaying effects.

Hallowing a bonded magical item creates an item aura that lasts as long as the enchantment on the item. A mundane item can also be hallowed, in which case the aura lasts until the start of the Profound Decisions Empire event four events from now.

In addition, the item receives a unique name chosen by the character performing the hallowing - this name appears on the ribbon for the item and any player who handles the item may choose to have their character able to discern the name as a strong impression received while handling it. Comedic names or names which are obviously taken from existing works of fiction are not appropriate for item names in Empire and will be rejected when identified.

A hallowing on any item that does not have an expiry date already lasts a year. The roleplaying effects from a hallowing expire when the item expires.

The strength of the hallowing determines how difficult it is to remove or replace.


  • A hallowing on a bonded magic item lasts for as long as the item retains its properties.
  • A hallowing on a mundane item lasts for a year.
  • The hallow skill can be used to remove an existing hallowing.

As with any aura, an item can only be under the effect of one item aura at once. Hallowing an item that is already under the effects of a standard aura will automatically replace that aura. A strong aura is more difficult to replace - the new hallowing must have a strength at least equal to that of the existing hallowing of the ceremony will fail.

Any character with the hallow skill (including one who is not dedicated to a Virtue) may attempt to remove an existing hallowing rather than replacing it. In the case of a strong hallowing, the ceremony must still have a strength at least equal to that of the existing aura.

The hallow skill can also be used to remove item auras arising from other sources, including those created by some magical enchantments.

If a bonded magic item is reforged, any hallowing present is removed.

True Liao

  • True liao can be used in place of liao to perform the hallow ceremony
  • An artefact can only be hallowed using true liao
  • A true item aura allows the use of one additional dose of liao when performing a ceremony

You can use true liao in place of normal liao to hallow an item. This will create a true aura, it can only be replaced or removed using true liao or something of similar power. An artefact cannot be hallowed except by using true liao to create a true aura.

A true aura on an item allows the character carrying the item to make use of one additional dose of liao whenever they perform a ceremony, allowing them to create effects with greater strength.

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