This person is not illustrious, but they are cunning, competent and ambitious. Let us raise them to high office, for the betterment of us all.

Callus Strategos, '''The Book of Callus'''


An aura is a persistent spiritual effect on a person, location or item. The auras listed here are created by priests dedicated to the virtue of Ambition who use the relevant ceremonial skill. A character who is dedicated to Ambition must pick one of the following auras when they perform the relevant ceremony. A priest of the Way may also use the Dreams of Ambition when they use the dedication ceremony to provide a pilgrim with a visionary dream.

The names used for each aura are simply the most common ones used in the Empire. For example, the Clear Path of Ambition may be called The Armour of Ambition by a Dawnish troubadour. This is especially true with those auras that are named after paragons and exemplars; all these auras would have had different names before the exceptional individual they are named for was recognised by the Synod. The Hallowing of Aldones for example was commonly called the Hallowing of the Mountain before Aldones' recognition as a paragon of Ambition.

Study of these auras helped the founders of the Way to create the Path of Ambition. Some lay persons assume that the Imperial Synod created these auras in some fashion to encourage adherence to orthodoxy, but according to theological scholars the situation is the other way around. The auras came first, then the tenets of the Path of Ambition.


Anointing involves a short ceremony to create a personal aura on a mortal being. Anointing always requires the consent of the subject.

The Absolution of Ambition

  • You are filled with a sense that your aspirations are of primary importance. Any regret, guilt or remorse you feel as a result of actions is diminished.

Description: The path of Ambition can require a pilgrim to speak or act in ways that, whilst furthering their ultimate goals, can weigh them down with regrets and doubts. Priests use this aura to alleviate the distress of these necessary actions, and provide affirmation of the pilgrim's virtue in holding true to their path.

The Clear Path of Ambition

  • You feel confident and certain of your ambitions. Doubts fall away and you feel justified in ignoring objections from others.

Description: Ambitious pilgrims may understand what is needed to further their goals, but be held back by weakness, doubts or the arguments of others. Priests of Ambition have been able to use this aura to help quell those doubts, and bolster the virtue of the pilgrim, removing some the obstacles preventing them walking their path.

The Calling of Ambition

  • You feel a strong urge to prioritise the goal you named when anointed. You feel a pressure to pursue that agenda before others.

Description: This is a contentious aura for, whilst it clearly promotes Ambition, there are fears it could be abused to make someone pursue an agenda other than their own. Others have pointed to the potential abuses of this aura in compelling others to act in potentially destructive ways, even though it can only ever be used with the willing consent of the recipient. Most priests of Ambition maintain that this aura is useful in illustrating the virtuous path, and for helping a pilgrim with multiple or confounding ambitions to focus on the one that is most important to them. Some priests also use the anointing to inspire those who would otherwise be utterly without Ambition to help them find purpose.

The Drive of Ambition

  • You feel driven to seize any opportunity to further your aspirations. It feels better to take a small step towards your goal than to take no steps at all.

Description: The path of Ambition is often long and arduous. The opportunities for a pilgrim to advance their goals may seem dangerous or unattainable, and lofty goals may appear impossibly distant. Priests use this aura to help pilgrims to appreciate that the virtue of Ambition is not simply about the destination, but the journey and "even the most impenetrable forest may fall one tree at a time".


Consecration is the ceremony used to create an aura on a clearly defined location. There is only one aura for each virtue, and all priests create the same one when they use this skill.

Dare Do All

  • You have a profound sense of destiny - of what can ultimately be accomplished by you if you strive for it. You feel nothing is beyond your reach.

Description: This powerful aura of Ambition fills those who experience it with an uplifting sense of what they might achieve if they set their mind to it. It drives people to act, encouraging them to set aside other considerations.


Dedication is the ceremony used to link a pilgrim's soul to virtue. It can also be used to create vivid oracular dreams.

Dreams of Ambition

  • The next time you sleep you experience a vivid dream concerning your ambitions and the goals you have set yourself. Your dream will often show you pursing your ambitions, and may include challenges you face or consequences that will follow from the things you are striving for. Sometimes the vision will show you new ambitions, things that seem appealing while you are dreaming though you may not have considered them before.

Lost time is never found.

Marcher Proverb


Hallow is used to create an aura on an item, such as a weapon, implement, shield or suit of armour. It is not possible to use hallow to create an aura on large immobile objects. Hallows do not provide a source of supernatural strength, but are durable and can last for a year (or potentially forever in the case of an artefact hallowed with true liao).

Hallowing of Adelmar

  • You feel a desire to take immediate action no matter how convincing the reasons to delay appear.

Hallowing of the Masquerade

  • You feel an urge to conceal your true intentions or agenda from those who might oppose you.

Hallowing of Aldones

  • You feel an urge to seek out new challenges to expand your ambitions.

Hallowing of the Broken Shield

  • You feel an urge to eliminate obstacles that stand between you and your goals.

Hallowing of the Conqueror

  • You feel driven to publicly defeat any enemy who stands against you.

Hallowing of the Master

  • You feel a desire to use others as tools to further your own aspirations.

Hallowing of the Navigator

  • You feel driven to ignore anyone who tries to dissuade you from pursuing your goals.

Hallowing of the Visionary

  • You feel a desire to recruit allies and gather support from others.

Hallowing of the Patron

  • You feel driven to silence naysayers; those who tell others they cannot achieve must be confronted.

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