There are organisations in the Empire that have grown in influence beyond the confines of a single nation. These organisations are collectively referred to as Imperial sodalities. They are associations or societies that have a common purpose and sufficient reach or influence to be relevant to the Empire as a whole - but they are not part of the Imperial government and most do not usually receive ongoing financial assistance from the Senate or logistical assistance from the civil service.

Sodalities in Play

From time to time we will create new sodalities and add them to the wiki, to use as a vehicle for ongoing plots. This may represent a sodality that has recently been created, or one that has been around for a while but has not been active an Anvil previously. Most Imperial citizens have at least heard of the Imperial Senate or the Imperial Synod but a sodality is vastly less powerful and prestigious than these bodies and it is common for people to be unaware of their existence before they encounter them.

Creating a Sodality

It is not possible for players to create a sodality as part of character creation - the banners, sects and covens that new players can create are based in the nation they choose to play, but the definition of an Imperial sodality is a group with a reach or scope that extends beyond a single nation.

It is possible for players to create a sodality in play - a good example of this is the Anvil Field Hospital which players have created. If players establish an organisation that clearly has an influence that extends to all Imperial citizens at Anvil that persists for more than a year then we will try to update the wiki with information about them.

Secret Societies

The Empire has a number of secret societies - sodalities who wish to avoid operating openly. Some of these societies have good reason to hide, they may have criminal or heretical intent - others simply prefer to remain in the shadows. If the existence of a secret society becomes common knowledge in the Empire, due to the actions of players, then we will update the wiki with information on what is commonly known about them.

Current Sodalities

  • Anvil Hospital - The Anvil Hospital and Imperial School of Medicine.
  • Anvil Library - The Library is dedicated to collecting and collating knowledge from all over the Empire and making it available to all.
  • Imperial Offices - An Imperial sodality dedicated to supporting the Throne in the performance of their duties and the furtherance of the Imperial agenda.
  • The Academy - The Canterspire Academy provides education to young citizens at Anvil.
  • The Three Refrains - The Three Refrains is a sodality of bards dedicated to spreading music and lore across the Empire.
  • The New Scions of Atun - The New Scions are a new sodality founded to investigate theology, perform experimentation, and lead theological discourse.

Historical Sodalities

These are sodalities that are known to history in some manner but do not have any formal recognition in the present day: