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We are Travellers on the Way.

Our spirits are immortal;
They have endured before and will again.
We follow in the footsteps of the paragons,
Who showed humanity the Paths of Virtue.
By uniting the Paths and creating the Synod,
The First Empress showed us The Way.
Across the Labyrinth of Ages, the Virtues guide our spirits.
We shall not surrender our destiny to inhuman powers.
Death is not the end of our journey.
With each generation, Virtue makes us stronger.
Until as paragons we shall conquer Death itself.

The Creed of the Winds of Virtue Chapter of Highguard


For the average citizen of the Empire, it is sufficient to know the seven Virtues and how they apply to your life so that your passage through the Labyrinth of Ages can be swift and assured and you can be reborn stronger. Even simple lay preachers of the Way need not concern themselves with the subtleties and complexities of the Imperial religion.

However, for many senior priests within the Synod, as well as keen scholars, the foundations of the faith are a source of much discussion, debate and analysis. Senior clergy of the Synod may be asked about their opinion on key points of contention.


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