Heroes are not born. They are forged in the fires of experience, and tempered in the waters of wisdom. It is my duty and my honour to help forge the heroes of tomorrow.

Chancellor Eldenheart of the Imperial Academy

Titus Hopkirk, Bursar of the Academy
The Bursar of the Imperial Academy discusses Prosperity with the Student Council.


The Academy is an in-character school run by NPCs which focuses on providing activities for young role-players. It aims to give them a fun and interesting role-playing experience while also helping them learn about the game world and, of course, how to play the game. The sessions provided by the Academy cover as far as possible all aspects of the game, including combat, magic, alchemy, physick, and the virtues. In addition the Academy provides "field trips" and other adventures for its students.

Our aim is to prepare young role-players to be fully-fledged characters in the game, which can be achieved by them passing their Test of Citizenship. The Academy has a prize-giving at the end of each event to reward students for their hard work!

IC History

The Imperial Academy at Anvil is an educational institution which is concerned with training the next generation of Imperial heroes. They are overseen by the Canterspire Academy in Urizen, whose Chancellor acts as its administrative and academic leader. Although the core members of the Faculty used to be Urizen scholars from Canterspire, they employ teachers from many other nations, and have a notable relationship with a number of Navarr stridings, whose view of the Great Dance resonates with the Academy's mission of bringing future heroes to their full potential. The Academy offers free tuition to any Imperial child.

In the Autumn of 380YE, the Urizeni Abronsius Eldenheart stepped down from the position of Chancellor, and was succeeded by Zemira of Reumah's Redoubt from Highguard, signalling a bold new era for the Academy. In the Autumn of 382YE howeveer the Academy was forced to take the sad decision to leave their offices at Canterspire and relocate to the heart of the Empire to stay safe from the Druj invasion. New Academy buildings near the Castle of Thorns have already been secured, and most of the staff have begun to settle in Dawn. Lady Jaycinda Griffinsbane, the Chancellor of the Academy expressed regret that it has come to this, but even before the Druj invasion there had been talk of transferring the heart of the Academy to somewhere closer to the middle of the Empire. With barbarians within a few weeks march of the spire, the safety of their charges forced the issue.

The Academy sees 384 looking towards a new future in Dawn, and the prospect of bold new adventures with new students and teachers alike. Lord Florette Griffinsbane stepped in for a year to manage the Academy but has now passed the leadership of the Academy fully to Chancellor Hildebrand Von Holberg of the Temple of Nine Fingers.


  • Children attending Academy activities must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times
  • Children cannot be left at the academy unattended

As the Academy is run by volunteer NPC crew, they cannot be left in loco parentis at any time. Children attending the Academy must be accompanied by an appropriate parent/ guardian at all times; this is for the safety and protection of both the Academy crew and the children. For age specific rules all parents are to be familiar with the following links. https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Children#Age_specific_information

Academy Staff

The Academy is run by a core team of NPCs known as the Faculty. These are dedicated members of crew who are entirely focused on helping young players integrate into the game while providing fun and often challenging activities. In addition many adult players offer visiting lectures, classes and activities, and the Academy crew encourage players interested in getting involved to talk to them. A full list of the current Faculty is given below. To contact the academy, email academy@profounddecisions.co.uk - the staff listed are crew.

CharacterOOC NameRole and responsibilities
Chancellor Hildebrand Von Holberg of the Temple of Nine Fingers Heather Long Head of the Academy, responsible for oversight of all activities and appointment of all staff
Kythanus Everwatch James Littlewood Vice-Chancellor and Lecturer in Arcane Studies
Titus Hopkirk Jerry Ferley Senior Lecturer in Alchemy and Bursar of the Imperial Academy, responsible for overseeing Academy finances
Glesne Tair LeidrAmanda LeedsMatron
Maeve WulfsdottirMaria FrankLecturer
LucreziaRosie BaylissLecturer in Spiritual Studies
Will SmithWilliam LankfordCombat Tutor
Gead DancewalkerRowan CarrCombat Tutor and Battle Ref Team Representative
KlayattonWilliam BaylissLecturer
YvaraeGabrielle CalvertCombat Tutor
Provost Lord Florette Griffinsbane Oliver B Supply Staff


The Academy is open 1800 - 2000 on Friday, 1000 - 1700 on Saturday and 1000 - 1400 on Sunday. Throughout these periods the Academy will have crew and space available for guardians and their children to use. In addition the timetable below shows some specific activities planned at the Academy over the course of E1 2022. Although this is not exhaustive and the content of these sessions is highly fluid though and can change during the event depending on IC events and number of attendees! So please check the whiteboard outside the Academy for the latest details for each day and to see what appeals to you the most.

Key activities, such as the Test of Citizenship and Test of Arms are given regular time-tabled slots where possible. In addition, there are sometimes opportunities for field trips both in and out of Anvil throughout the weekend. Opportunities off Anvil will be seeded and communicated IC just like quests and adventures for adult players.

The ages are intended purely as a guide.

Fri Evening

  • 1800 - Parent's Evening
  • 1900 - 2030 - Tests of Citizenship & Arms.

Sat Morning

  • 1000 - 1200 - Arts & Crafts (<7s)
  • 0945 - 1200 - Mushroom Hunting Encounter (<10s)
  • 1000 - Fight Practice (7s+)
  • 1030 - 1200 - Test of Citizenship
  • 1100 - Student Council (11+)

Lunch 1200 - 1300

Sat Afternoon

  • 1300 - 1400 - Potions (<7s)
  • 1300 - 1400 - Forest Field Trip (7 - 10s)
  • 1300 - 1400 - Test of Arms (14+)
  • 1400 - 1500 - HolbergFest at the League.
  • 1445 - 1530 - Cadet Quest (11+)
  • 1500 - 1600 - Arts & Crafts (7-10s)
  • 1530 - 1630 - Florette's Field Festivals (7+)
  • 1530 - 1630 - The Hub Visit (7+)

Sun Morning

  • 1000 - 1200 - Arts & Crafts (7-10s)
  • 1000 - 1100 - Healing Lesson (7-10s)
  • 1100 - Fight practice (11+)
  • 1100 - 1130 - Ritual Magic (All Ages)

Lunch 1200 - 1300

Sun Afternoon

  • 1300 - Closing Assembly.
  • 1315 - Swim Levithan's Depths Ritual with Adelaarsgilde

Gift of Learning.jpg

Academy Rules

These are the IC rules for children (and adults) attending the Academy. They are intended to reflect the game world as well as providing a sensible, fair and enjoyable setting for young role-players.

  • No-one is forced to come to the Academy – you should only attend if you have a desire to learn and better yourself
  • We treat one another with respect, regardless of age or nationality
  • Train hard and with spirit
  • All students must bring a responsible adult who is happy to stay with them for the duration of the classes
  • No sparring in the classroom; the Quadrangle is available for safe & sensible fight practice
  • If any student causes harm to another they may be barred from the Academy
  • Students are encouraged keep a well presented and accurate record of their studies to assist the Chancellor in judging and distributing awards and certificates

Administering Tests

Children in the Empire are legally considered to be citizens when they are able to pass the Test of Citizenship. This allows them to own property in the Empire, vote in elections, hold a title, be held guilty of a crime, etc. There is a second test, the Test of Arms which allows a young citizen to prove that they are strong and fit enough to take the battlefield against the Empire's enemies. Members of the Academy staff carry out these tests.

The Academy helps attendees pass the test in two ways. The lessons prepare young people to take the exams, giving them the education they need to pass. But it also allows the civil servants to get to know the applicants so that they can better judge their suitability. The best way for a young roleplayer who is under sixteen years of age to become recognized as a citizen is to attend the Academy. Guardians are asked to engage with Academy Staff OOC early in the weekend if they believe their children are ready for either test as both carry a level of OOC responsibility that a young role player needs to be mature enough to understand. This will allow a young role player to take either test only when they are ready for it and with a good chance of success.

Academy Cadets

In answer to the increasing need for young heroes within the Empire the Imperial Cadets were established around 379YE. The Cadets are a group of students of the Academy who may not yet have passed their Test of Arms but have demonstrated enough maturity to be trusted to go on quests or adventures that help the Empire. This is an IC group of young role players managed by the Academy and led by its students. The OOC intent of this group is to provide young role players with the experience of being part of a military banner and to occasionally go on age appropriate encounters organized by the plot team. These encounters involve combat and violence which could result in character deaths. Key things to note for the Cadets:

  • Any member of the Cadets must be 11+.
  • They must have conducted fight training with members of the Academy and be deemed mature enough to fight in accordance with PD's combat rules.
  • They must have their parent or guardian consent to be a member of the Cadets.
  • They must have passed their citizenship test.

Further Reading

Core Information

Additional Information

I, Empress Mariika, extend my patronage to the Academy at Canterspire in Urizen, in recognition of the work undertaken by them to prepare and educate the children of all nations of our great Empire.

To ensure the future greatness of the Empire the best of all the Empire's children must be afforded instruction unparalleled in the Way, the arts of war, the weaving of magics, the grimnir's craft and all other such disciplines as are required to produce generations of heroes to defend this land. With this endowment, the Academy at Canterspire shall be ready to meet this challenge.

To the most civil servants of the Throne I give encouragement to seek out the best of the Academy's teachers and accept them as your own that they might administer the Test of Citizenship, so that future leaders of the Empire may commence their service to the Empire as soon as they are fit to be called Citizens.

Let all the citizens of this Empire hear my words and render to this Academy what aid they have within their means, that it might prosper.

Let all those who teach here do so in the knowledge that their work will secure the centuries to come.

Charter of the Canterspire Academy