Live roleplayers rarely like to complain; we're all very aware that running an event is difficult and everyone involved is trying their best. Because of the social nature of the hobby, we're often friends with the some or all of the people running the game, so we don't want to upset our friends by appearing critical. And because event running is always stressful and always frantic and most organizers have to run events around their real jobs then a lot of players tend to assume that we're too busy to deal with feedback.

But getting good feedback from players is essential to improving a game. As organizers, we don't have the luxury of playing the game, we know a lot about the game and what happens but our perspective and experience is very different from the player one. We want feedback because we want to make our games as awesome as we can - good feedback is essential to achieving that. And the advantage of running Profound Decisions as a full time job is that we don't have to work it round our day jobs - so we're never too busy with real life to talk to you about the game.

So please don't feel hesitant about talking to us about anything you think will improve the game for you or for other participants!

Best Way

If you do have a complaint, a concern or want to give feedback then please go to GOD and ask to speak to a member of the Profound Decisions management team. The management team are employees of Profound Decisions whose job it is to deal with any serious problems that you have. If an issue is serious or distressing then we would urge you to bring it to attention of the management team as early as possible. We will try to promptly resolve any problems that arise.

If there is any part of our game that you wish to discuss with Profound Decisions between events, then you can contact Profound Decisions at any time. The best way to send feedback is to email feedback@profounddecisions.co.uk with your comments but you can also write or phone us at any time.

Worst Way

Profound Decisions is a professional live roleplaying company dedicated to producing high quality events. However the majority of crew that you encounter at an event are volunteers who have freely given up their time to make the event more enjoyable for everyone. Please respect their generosity and do not ask them to handle complaints. Please remember that this is their hobby too. We require our participants to be civil towards all members of the volunteer crew at all times.

Critically we find that a lot of players tend to assume that if a friend is a member of crew then it is better to talk to them about a problem than bother PD. Unfortunately this is the worst possible way to pass on feedback or complaints. Second-hand feedback is rarely very useful, if only because the issues get more confused and less verifiable the more they get passed on. If you have an issue you want to raise with us, I would much rather talk to you about the issue than hear it from another party, regardless of how important a member of our crew you might perceive that person to be.

Please bring any issues directly to us yourself if you possibly can, rather than passing them on to a third party.