The following event information is applicable for all our events. Please feel free to point people to this page if they are looking for information on details for times, dates and other recurring event details.


When you book for an event the system will try to email you a booking confirmation email with an attached pdf ticket. Please print the ticket out, or bring it with you on your phone if that's easier. If you don't use email, you can log in to your PD account and download your ticket at any time. You will be asked to show your ticket when you arrive at the gate.

If you are not sure if you are booked for the event, then you can check your booking status by logging in to your PD account or by emailing the head office.

Please make sure that you have entered your car registration number on your PD account if you are travelling by car.

If you have claimed the concessionary ticket price, please make sure that you email a copy of your proof of eligibility to the head office or bring a copy with you to the event.

Arrival Times

Players are allowed on site from 13:00 (1pm) on the Thursday before the event starts. There is an additional charge of £10 to arrive one day early; this is paid on the gate and MUST be paid separately. There is a card reader, but the signal is variable so it may be quicker to pay with cash.

The gate will close at approximately 10pm and will open again at 10am on Friday morning. If you are arriving after this time, there will be a number on the gate that you can call and security will open the gate to allow you in.


Time in

Empire begins at 6pm on Friday and ends at 1 am that night. On Saturday time in begins at 10 am and ends at 1 am. On Sunday time in begins at 10 am and ends at 3 pm.


If you are pitching an in-character tent, then you must make sure you liase with your camp planner before pitching your tent. If you are camping in the OOC area then you are welcome to camp in any suitable spot that is available provided you don't block any vehicle access ways. Check with a member of our traffic team if you are in any doubt.

Please make sure you pitch your tent carefully and safely. In particular if you are pitching a large tent such as a marquee or garage tent then it must be pegged and guyed safely, including any storm lashings that the tent needs. An incorrectly put-up tent is a danger to everyone so if our red caps team ask you to make any alterations to your tent then you must follow the instructions given.

Weapons Check

Bring your weapons to the weapon check point on the main road at the bottom end of the Highguard camp just down from GOD to get them checked by a Profound Decisions weapons checker before use. There will be a large grey banner on the tent to identify it. The best time to get your weapon checked is Friday day before the event starts where possible.

If you are taking part in the battles then your weapons will need checking before each battle. The first time you get your weapon checked we will put a coloured rubber band coded for the event on it. On Saturday any weapon that isn't banded will be checked before it can be taken on the battlefield. On Sunday we will check all weapons before they go on the battlefield.

Any weapon that fails a safety check will be tagged with a weapon-fail cable-tie and must be put stowed in an OOC area (or at GOD if you don't have access to any OOC area) until the end of the event.


For appropriate use only, our on-site mobile number is 07817 133793. This will be staffed by Profound Decisions event team on the run up to the event, and held by our security team throughout the event. If you need to get hold of Profound Decisions to report an emergency then you can call this number.

Mhorish Goodfood

First Aid

  • First aid is available 24/7 throughout the event

The First Aid tent is immediately in front of GOD. Qualified first aid staff are available at all times here or via GOD. Please report any medical problems to First Aid or to any member of staff with a radio.


There are toilet blocks placed at appropriate locations all over the site. The location of the toilet blocks will be marked on the site map for each event.

Food and Drink

Drinks and snacks are available from our fully IC tavern. The bar will be serving drinks on Thursday evening, but is OOC until time in on Friday. We have a wide range of caterers serving food and drinks listed below. They are joined in the IC area by Mhorish Good Food and Smokey Hole.

All our OOC caterers can be found in our new Trade Court area from 2024 onwards.

Bean There Drunk That

Bean There Drunk That specialises in artisan coffee and fresh-fruit smoothies. We use high-end beans from one of the country's finest roasters. Always Organic, Direct-Trade and freshly roasted in small batches, there's a real difference in both flavours and effect when compared to a standard espresso.

Our fresh-fruit smoothies are really popular with kids and we offer a selection of milkshakes, iced coffees, specials and a range of snacks.

Cantina El Burrito

The Cantina El Burrito will be providing a range of tasty Mexican dishes. For more details of the planned menu see the Cantina El Burrito page.

Fresh Roots

Fresh Roots will be serving a range of vegetarian meals.


A wide range of delicious toasties starting from £5. All our toasties are made using local bread and high quality ingredients from local independent suppliers. Sandwiches are toasted to order on our unique presses.

Mhorish Goodfood

Mhorish will be serving tasty, filling, hot meals from the kitchen next to the Skian Mhor trade stall in the market place.

  • Specials/Six Item Breakfast: £10.50
  • Beef Burger - £8
  • Cheese Burger - £8.50
  • Double Cheese Burger - £12
    • + bacon/black pudding - £1
    • + egg/cheese – 50p
  • Chicken Burger - £8
  • Mozzarella Burger (v) - £8
  • Spicy Bean Burger (ve) - £8
  • Nuggets and Chips - £7
  • Chips - £3.50
  • Cheesy Chips - £4
  • 3 things in a thing - £6
    • Bacon, Sausage, black pudding, egg, veggie sausage. Cheese extra 50p
  • Mighty Mhorish - £13
    • Burger, sausage, bacon, black pudding, fried egg, and cheese.

Meal tickets are currently £9.50 per meal. We also offer a 50p discount if you bring your own food receptacle and cutlery and/or drink receptacle.

Spicy Box menu.

Pizza Yule Love

Delicious 12" pizzas starting from £8.00 and cooked in ninety seconds. The new menu includes three types of veggie pizzas and the option for vegan cheese as well as their monster nachos that's enough to feed 4 hungry Larpers which comes in meat, veggie or vegan options and goes down a storm at other events.

Smokey Hole

Smokey Hole will be serving good quality burgers and sausages from their stall on the edge of the Varushkan on the road leading to GOD. Breakfast is bacon sausage or vegan bap for £4, or £5 with a coffee. Lunch is a huge cumberland sausage for £6.50, 6 oz cheeseburger for £7.50, or carvery roast pork bap with apple sauce for £6. Dinner is BBQ pulled pork baps with cheese.

Spicy Box

Spicy Box offer a range of kebabs, curries and similar - see the adjacent menu for details.

Tony's Ice Cream

Offering a range of delicious ic-creams.

Yuleys Bratwurst

Yuleys Bratwurst sells a range of different bratwurst all cooked on charcoal. All served with German condiments, Mustard, Curry and Tom ketch in a soft sub roll.

  • 20” long Pork Bratwurst - £8
  • 10” long Pork Bratwurst, Ham and Cheese Bratwurst, Ham Bratwurst - £6