From A Children's Primer of the Way

The Path of Ambition

Though many citizens associate the Virtue of Ambition with an eye on a senator’s seat or even the Imperial Throne, this path embraces many subtler expressions also. The artisan who aspires to create something never before seen; the merchant who strives to be wealthier than any other; the youth who aspires to forbidden love – all may be guided by Ambition to turn their dreams to reality. There are as many Ambitions as there are citizens who can dream of them, though not all possess the strength of purpose, character and will to pursue the Path of Ambition to its fullest, for the cost of doing so is often high.

Guidance on the Path

Through meditation on the auras of Ambition, and study of the lives of paragons and exemplars, the priests of the Way have gleaned insight into the heart of the virtue and how best to pursue it. There are collections of parables, tales, sayings and teachings that distill this for Imperial citizens to learn from. The following are a handful of teachings and sayings deemed to be essential to understanding the path:

  • Aim high; pursue your dreams; nothing is beyond your grasp.
  • Even the most impenetrable forest may fall one tree at a time.
  • Consequences are the price of Ambition; no price is too high to realise your dreams.
  • It is better, by far, to try and fail, than fail to try.
  • Despise the weakness that comes from pettiness and lack of vision.

Paragons and Exemplars

Recognised paragons and exemplars of Ambition include:

  • The paragon Tian, who legend claims ascended the highest mountain in all creation to steal fire from the sun.
  • The paragon Aldones di Sarvos, one of the founders of the League.
  • The exemplar Atuman of the Highborn, who lead his people to the shores of Highguard.
  • The exemplar Adelmar the Lion, founder of the School of Arms and an inspiration to weapon masters throughout the Empire.

Symbols, icons and trappings

The path of Ambition has many symbols and icons across the Empire, but one of the most common and prevalent is flame. This is not only symbolic of Tian’s quest to steal the fire of the sun, but fire possesses many of the qualities of purest ambition. It is ever hungry and never satisfied, for the moment it is satisfied, it dies. Some pilgrims of Ambition even go as far as to burn a brand on their arm or hand in recognition of the price Tian paid or as a reminder of how dangerous Ambition can be.

More mystically inclined individuals point to the Wintermark rune Naeve, which represents hunger, as a symbol of Ambition.

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