A handy archive of rules reminders from the left bar.


  • You must avoid using gendered nouns when referring to mixed groups. See the Conduct page for more information. (12/05/2024)
  • In-character theft is prohibited except for gold-ribboned items or looting fallen enemies. See the Stealing page for more information. (09/04/2024)
  • You can only send messages to eternals with rituals that explicitly allow you to do so. (29/02/2024)
  • Once you have gained the benefit of a magic item, no-one else can use it for that day. Furthermore, you cannot gain the benefit of a different item of the same form (Weapon, Armour, Talisman) that day. (03/01/2024)
  • When using things that grant additional ranks of realm lore the highest you can go is triple your original skill (so you can't have more than two extra ranks if you've only bought one rank of realm lore). (04/12/2023)
  • You take damage from any call made with a weapon or implement even if the call doesn't affect you. (12/11/2023)
  • It takes at least two free hands to move someone who's dead, dying, Combat#Terminal|terminal]], or paralysed (07/08/2023)
  • You must have purchased at least one rank of a realm lore skill to benefit from anything that grants additional ranks in that realm. (17/07/2023)
  • Using a potion or philtre takes five seconds of appropriate roleplaying, usually involving miming drinking the potion. (10/07/2023)
  • When you're dying you aren't unconscious unless you want to be - you can still speak, shout, or scream for help. (07/07/2023)
  • You can only be under the effect of one enchantment at a time; the most recent is the only one that applies! (03/07/2023)
  • You can't use Unstoppable if you're under the effects of a WEAKNESS or PARALYSE (26/06/2023)
  • You need to check your arrows both when you pick them up and when you put them onto the bow! (22/06/2023)