Sanctioned events are LRP events set in the Empire world that are not run by Profound Decisions but are still considered to be part of our ongoing campaign. The sanctioned event rules explain how sanctioned events work in more detail.

Sanctioned events are not run by Profound Decisions - and although we will take reasonable effort to try and ensure that the plot of these events is consistent with our campaign, we are not responsible for the style or quality of these events. One of the advantages of sanctioned events is that they give you an opportunity to play your character at a very different style of event. We will encourage sanctioned event organizers to make clear what kind of events they are running.

If you are running a sanctioned event set in the Empire world then please contact us and we will add your event to the list.

Forthcoming Event List

A feast of words by candlelight (Empire Banquet) 12-6 pm 27thOctober Herringham Hall, London, NW1 4NS

A Feast of Words by Candlelight

Citizens of the Empire are invited to a 'light lunch' in Mestra in a delightful waterfront location. You are encouraged to come and share in the Prosperity of your host, so that food does not go uneaten. It will be possible to make donations towards the running costs of the League Theatre should your prosperity allow, but all Citizens are welcome.

The furnishings and layout of the venue are not well suited to duels or the traditional advertising techniques of the Bravos and Free Companies.

Individuals seeking to participate in such activities are politely requested to seek another location.

Please write by return at your earliest convenience, so that appropriate numbers can be catered for.

Yours in Virtue,

Erasmo di Tassato, Bishop of Wisdom, Gilded Horn Carta

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