Sanctioned events are LRP events set in the Empire world that are not run by Profound Decisions but are still considered to be part of our ongoing campaign. The sanctioned event rules explain how sanctioned events work in more detail.

Sanctioned events are not run by Profound Decisions - and although we will take reasonable effort to try and ensure that the plot of these events is consistent with our campaign, we are not responsible for the style or quality of these events. One of the advantages of sanctioned events is that they give you an opportunity to play your character at a very different style of event. We will encourage sanctioned event organizers to make clear what kind of events they are running.

If you are running a sanctioned event set in the Empire world then please contact us and we will add your event to the list.

Forthcoming Event List

Empire Day (tavern night) Saturday 6th January The Crown & Cushion, Minley Road, Minley, Surrey. GU17 9UA
Rhonwen's Fall 27th January Donnington Park Farmhouse Hotel, Melbourne Road, Isley Walton, Castle Donington, DE74 2RN
Voice of the Nation 3rdFebruary St Botolph's Church Hall, 39B High Street, Lincoln, LN5 8AS
Seven Hours of Virtue 10thFebruary to 11th February Left Bank, Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 1LJ

Harrogate Turkish Baths, Royal Baths, Parliament St, Harrogate HG1 2WH

Printers' Guild Ball and Pledge Awards 24th February Ashton Masonic Hall, Manchester

Empire Day

The first Saturday of every (real) year, prominent citizens of every nation gather together on the site that way back on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Empire, Empress Richilde, (known as the Sun Queen), made the announcement that henceforth on this day we would all celebrate the Empire that we have built with music, poems, food, drink, stories and laughter. This is a roughly one hundred player, multi-nation social, very low threat event held in a medieval barn / pub run by two PD staff members. More details can be found on their Violet Illuminations website here

Rhonwen's Fall

The Steading of Rhonwen's Fall has a long history, from where the first refugees from Seren hid after the fall of Terunean, to when the Vate Rhonwen performed the rituals to weaken the Vallorn that dwelt in Miaren. Once in every hundred years since Rhonwen's ritual, the falls stream with blood, some say that this due to an ancient bargain with one of the Winter Eternals who helped Rhonwen perform her rituals. Members of the Silent Word striding, decendents of Rhonwen's coven, have invited those would would travel to come to Rhonwen's Fall to feast and to talk of the past.

Contact the organiser by e-mail for more information

Voice of the Nation

Come and be welcome all, You are all invited, from every nation, to the Splinterspear wayhouse for a celebration of winning the Anvil talent competition by the Navarr led by Idwyn. We will be having a feast with music and entertainment to embrace our culture and stay warm as the cold nights of winter march towards us and the famous twisted tree tavern with drinks to keep you warm.

There will be singing, Fire dancing, stories, knife dancing, drumming and much more finishing with a relaxing session of songs and stories at the wayhouse. All are welcome, even those who have not yet found their way to Anvil.

Seven Hours of Virtue and the Morning After

This two part event will be set at the Shining Towers, in Reikos, hosted by the Shattered Tower. The main event will be on the Saturday, encompassing an afternoon & evening of virtuous entertainments. On the Sunday there will be a smaller, optional VIP trip to the chapter's bathhouse. This is a social, low threat event.

Contact the organiser by e-mail for more information

Printer's Guild Ball and Pledge Awards

It's time to celebrate our achievements, and to reward and recognise the worthy citizens of the Empire at the Printers' Guild Ball and Pledge Awards.

Travel with us to the northern city of Temeschwar, and mark the official opening of the recently completed Tomb of the Empress Giselle.

Take the chance to learn more about this most controversial of Empresses, in the grand and imposing surrounds of the shrine created in her honour.

Join Casimir, the Guardian of the Tomb, for this momentous occasion in the far northern reaches of the Empire.

Contact: Web, Facebook

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