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Children of this age are becoming adults and many players of this age are just as capable of remaining in-character all day as any adult. We assume that roleplayers at this age are able to participate and roleplay fully in the game setting. The additional rules are designed only to ensure that all participants are fully protected.

Ticket costs £20 less discounts

We expect a child of this age who is attending to have a character and roleplay at an event, with full participation in many areas. If the parent or guardian attending the event is eligible for a discount (a student or in receipt of benefits or a pension) then the ticket costs £10.

Parental responsibility where appropriate

At this age it is acceptable for participants to roleplay for long periods without their parents present. You should still be aware of what your child is doing and they should check in regularly with you.

Must have suitable costume

All participants of this age should dress in costume appropriate for their character. Footwear is difficult in LRP, but sports trainers are no longer acceptable at this age.

IC tests to become an IC adult

Children mature at different rates and our rules are designed to encourage them to seek to become full citizens of the Empire. Older participants in this age range may take the Test of Citizenship which is a basic IC test designed to ensure that a young player is capable and ready to be treated as a full member of the game. Once a young live roleplayer has passed this test, then their character will be treated as an adult character and will be allowed to choose a personal resource, operate campaign resources and spend eight character points on skills as a starting character. Until this point, they will have no skills, and will therefore be able to utilize the Apprentice Ability


Characters begin as non-combatants

Children of this age cannot participate in a skirmish or battle before they have passed the Test of Arms. Parents may allow their children to spar with other children using standard latex weapons, but they should not attack other characters under other circumstances. Fights on the main field are likely to be rare at Empire, but if one does start, then your child should know to leave the immediate area by the most effective route, to ensure their own safety. Young players of this age who are involved with The Academy will have the opportunity to fight while on quests organized through the Academy.

Older participants in this age range my take the Test of Arms with permission from their parent(s). This is a basic IC test designed to ensure that a younger live roleplayer is ready to take the battlefield - our refs will check they are a safe combatant, understand the combat rules and are physically mature enough to participate in the battles. Young players who are judged to be ready to pass will be allowed to take the Test once they are 14 or over.

IC Area for young players

The IC site includes a large tent and courtyard area dedicated to IC activities for young players called The Academy. The crew in attendance when the tent is open, offer supervised sparring and combat training, lessons in Imperial Geography and History and similar. These activities are intended to be for parents and children; parents may not leave their children here by themselves.