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Herb gardens provide vital supplies to physicks and apothecaries.


A herb garden represents an area of land where herbs grow. A herb garden can be of almost any size - it could be a tiny personal garden in an Urizen spire, meticulously tended and cared for, or it could be a vast forest in Wintermark or Varushka that a character scours in search of wild herbs.


A herb garden produces 6 doses of true vervain, 2 doses of cerulean mazzarine, 2 doses of bladeroot, 2 doses of imperial roseweald, and 2 doses of marrowort.

Downtime Options

It is possible to obtain a higher yield from a herb garden. You may spend 6 crowns to have the herb garden produce an additional 3 true vervain, 1 cerulean mazzarine, 1 Imperial roseweald, 1 bladeroot and 1 marrowort in that season.


A herb garden can be upgraded using weirwood obtained from the Bourse. Each time a herb garden is upgraded, the owner chooses a single herb from the list. The herb garden produces 2 additional doses of that herb from then on.

To upgrade a herb garden requires Imperial wains of weirwood equal to the level the herb garden is being upgraded to. So the first upgrade of a starting level 1 herb garden costs 2 Imperial wains of weirwood, from 2 to 3 costs 3 Imperial wains, etc.


The table below shows a list of the rituals in Imperial lore which can affect the production of a herb garden.

Ritual Effect Realm Magnitude
Ruthless Vigilance, Healthy Crop Produces an additional 2 drams of each herb over the next season Winter 8
Withering Touch of Frost Reduces production by a quarter for a year Winter 6
Anathemic Call of Bug and Briar Reduces production by a half for a year Spring 16
Like Water Through Your Fingers Reduces production by three quarters for a year Autumn 30
Winter's Ghosts(1) Reduces production by 2 true vervain over the next season Winter 50

  1. This curse affects an entire territory