The Empire uses spy networks to spy on barbarian territories and armies. There is only a small cost to build and upkeep a spy network but to operate them requires military units be assigned to support them, exactly as if the military unit were supporting an Imperial army. The more military units are assigned to a spy network, the more information about the territory is produced. It is not currently possible to construct a spy network which can be supported by fleets without an appropriate opportunity.

Senate Commissions

The Imperial Senate can pass motions to create a new spy network. There is no benefit to having two spy networks in a territory.


  • Materials: 10 weirwood and 30 crowns
  • Time: 3 months to construct
  • Upkeep: 2 thrones per season


An Imperial spy network can only be constructed in a territory adjacent to a region controlled by the Empire. For example, to construct a new spy network in Hordalant the Empire would need to control one of West Ranging or Westwood in Liathaven or North Fens or Grey Fens in Bregasland.

It is not necessary to know the name of a territory to create a spy network there; the civil service will do their best to ensure it goes in the right place if at all possible.

Military units

Once complete any Imperial citizen can assign a military unit they control to support the spy network. The more military units that are assigned to operate a spy network, the more information is produced.

500An overview of the territory including the names of major settlements and any armies present.
1000Details of any fortifications in the area and the details of armies including their approximate fighting strength, the actions they are taking, and the names of any significant military commanders. More detail about the territory including an overview of trading links and connections to adjacent territories.
1500A thorough overview of the territory, enough to produce a detailed strategic map showing the locations of fortifications and any bourse resources present.

The results are cumulative, so if 1500 strength in total is assigned then the players receive all the benefits listed on the table.

A copy of the information gained is provided to every player who assigned a military unit to the spy network in the form of an out of character report. In addition they receive any other resources that are made available (such as shares in the Imperial Guerdon.)

Each upgrade a military unit has adds an additional 20 strength to the overall tally.

Decommissioning a Spy Network

While the Senate could simply stop paying the upkeep on the spy network, doing so reveals its location to the owners of that territory. Alternatively, the Imperial Senate can choose to pass a motion to decommission the spy network. This costs 5 thrones and takes a season; during this time military units cannot be assigned to the spy network. At the end of the season, the spy network is clandestinely rolled up without the owner of the territory being any the wiser.

Current Spy Networks

This list shows all working spy networks located on the borders of the Empire. It was last updated following the Winter Solstice 385YE.

  • Brocéliande
  • Forest of Ulnak
  • Investigate Beantal Dol - A temporary setup that allows military units to scout the vallorn heart in Sarangrave. It won't last more than a season; the vallorn will quickly consume it.
  • Liathaven
  • Mareave
  • Sarangrave
  • War of Whispers - Any military unit that takes part in this adventure is considered to be either guarding scholars - both those with the Department of Historical Research, and those at centres of learning threatened by the Whisper Gallery across the Empire - or else actively working to uncover and stymie the schemes of the eternals' mortal allies and twisted heralds.

Former Spy Networks

These spy networks are no longer active. This happens automatically if a network is decommissioned by the Imperial Senate but in some cases it is because the structure has been located and destroyed by barbarians.

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