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Lost long ago, the Burning Falcon were famous (and in some cases infamous) for the passionate zeal with which they fought. In 248YE the Burning Falcon army was destroyed by the Jotun while fighting to defend the academy at Ishal in Kallavesa. Since their loss of it the Coast has not enjoyed such a large and organised force of kohan on the battlefield - although recent developments have suggested that the army may at last be on the verge of rising from the ashes. Not that the Burning Falcon is without controversy of its own - Emperor Nicovar took control of the army and wielded it as a brand to burn the libraries of the Empire. Some historians suggest that it was lingering resentment for their role in the burning of the libraries that lead to the Falcon being left to fight alone against a force of orcs three times its size.


The Burning Falcon was destroyed in 247YE defending the academy at Ishal in Kallavesa..


Recent History

Since TBC, there has been a movement in parts of the Brass Coast to recreate the Burning Falcon, leading to an unsuccessful Senate motion in Spring 383YE.





Army Quality : Glorious

The original Burning Falcon was populated by soldiers who embraced the Freeborn philosophy of passionate battle, giving them the Glorious quality.

Recent Elections

There have been no recent elections for the title of General of the Burning Falcon, as the army was destroyed over a century ago.