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Pausing to read the notices hung in public places is one excellent way to discover new things to be concerned about.


Over the past three months, events have taken place which are of significance to the Empire and may require a response from her champions. These are the winds of fortune, counterparts to the Winds of War which detail the Empire's military campaigns. They lay out situations, and usually include things that characters can do to take advantage of opportunities or to resolve problems. In almost every case, they start with a piece of flavour text. This fiction helps introduce the wind of fortune, or draws out a particular theme or element. Often, it represents a viewpoint that one or more NPCs might have in-character. In all cases, these pieces are intended to help create an atmosphere and provide a little entertainment. Where they contain opinions, those are the opinions of the fictional people depicted - and where they contain information or rumours the assumption is that the reader will create their own context for that information or gossip if they want to use it in character.

The body of the wind of fortune describes situations and lays out ways players can engage with them. Except where we explicitly talk about something being "rumoured" or use a phrase like "some might say..." the details of a wind of fortune are factual. They represent briefing material presented by the civil service or similar authoritative sources and represents something the average educated citizen would acknowledge as a reliable truth. Unless we specify otherwise, we're also being as thorough as possible. This information doesn't need further checking in-character. It's not opinion, and we're not trying to trick you.

As always, how much or how little of this information you choose to know in character is up to you. Part of the purpose of Winds of Fortune is to maintain the illusion of the Empire as a living, breathing place where things happen - and to make players aware of things their characters could know based on what their roleplaying says they have been doing for the past three months. It's perfectly acceptable to turn up to Empire having read only a few Winds of Fortune that directly interest your character; part of the fun on the field can come from learning about situations and opportunities in other parts of the game.

In each case, we've tried to tag the Winds of Fortune entry with the nations, or political bodies, to which it is most relevant. We've done this to help people who are interested only in events that are especially relevant to them. In no way are these tags intended to be exhaustive; the Empire is a complex place and very little happens in isolation.

Winds of Fortune

A Crown in Winter

  • Everyone

There is a new Throne! Empress Vesna Borkovna Prochnost was appointed during the Autumn Equinox, and will be formally crowned during the Winter Solstice. You can learn more about her, and about the upcoming coronation, in our first wind of fortune A Crown in Winter.

A Sparrow in Spring

  • Everyone, especially the Imperial Senate

The coronation marks the beginning of the reign of Empress Vesna, and immediately there are questions to be answered. What form will the Empire-wide celebrations of the new Throne take? What will be the tenor and nature of her inaugural address? What upstanding motions and title appointments will be resolved? You can learn more about these questions in the A Sparrow in Spring wind of fortune.

Begins Where It Ends (Plenipotentiary)

  • Archmages; Imperial Conclave; Asenath of Felix's Watch, Nicassia of Phoenix Reach, and Iron Osric; Wintermark captains; Kingfisher; Grandmaster of the Rod and Shield, the Imperial Warmage, and the Imperial Warcaster

It's time to look once again at the eternals contacted by the six Imperial archmages using their power of plenipotentiary. Eternals are bound by ancient compact to respond in some way to such a missive, although precisely how they respond is up to them. There might be to a formal parley, or something more informal. Or nothing at all. Responses to each archmage's plenipotentiary messages have been received, and arrangements made for the Winter Solstice. Three have agreed to meetings of one kind or another, three have refused a meeting, and a seventh eternal has taken the opportunity to ask for a parley all on its own.

You can read about the responses of the eternals, some of whom have not presented parleys in some time, in the Begins Where It Ends wind of fortune.

Dreaming in Strands (Appraisal)

  • The League and the Brass Coast; Imperial Senate; Imperial Military Council

Eilian Sweetwater has been instructed by the Imperial Senate to "investigate solutions to the situation with the damaged Spider's Dream Tollbridge whether repair, improvement, or alternative." Eilian has prepared an appraisal that not only details the relatively straightforward (for a given value) requirements to fix the bridge, but also a wealth of possibilities as to how it might be improved, drawn from past proposals placed before the Senate.

You can learn about how the bridge can be restored, and what improvements might be made, in the Dreaming in strands wind of fortune.

Top and Bottom, Up and Down

  • Imperial Conclave, Imperial Senate, Imperial magicians

At the request of the Imperial Conclave, the Turning Mirror has sent its ministers to the Empire to consider the problem of the Omnihedron and"the matter of how the damage and detrimental effects of the Empire wide rituals... can be fixed." A thousand motes of light scatter across the land in search of order. At the same summit, partly in response to concerns from several quarters, the Conclave elected to interdict all Empire-wide enchantments, but if The Wheel of Light can furnish the Empire with answers, perhaps the power of the Omnihedron might yet be harnessed safely.

You can learn about the heralds' findings, and some additional unsolicited commentary from heralds of other realms, in the Top and Bottom, Up and Down wind of fortune.

Road Out of Nowhere (Appraisal)

  • Imperial Senate; Imperial Synod; practically everyone else

The Imperial Senate has commissioned Graciana i Lòpez i Guerra to appraise "the impact and opportunities to link the unconnected citizens of our Southern, Northern, and Eastern territories with new road networks – to join new and existing road network together – or to provide citizens with alternative means of conveyance that would afford them similar benefits." Graciana has enthusiastically thrown herself into the task and prepared an appraisal that quickly deals with the matter of roads and then moves swiftly on to more esoteric projects...

You can learn about her proposals, and how they might change the face of the Empire, in the Road out of nowhere wind of fortune.

Three Keys

  • Imperial Military Council; Generals of the Bloodcloaks and Golden Sun; Dawn, the Marches, the Brass Coast, Highguard; Imperial magicians

During the Autumn Equinox, as a consequence of the General of Day offered three boons. The first was an invitation to send heralds to travel with certain armies, observing them in action before presenting a proposal as to a way that army might be honed. The second was a proposal to work with the Rod and Shield to identify opportunities to enhance existing fortifications. The final boon involved gifts for the Imperial Warcaster, provided the Imperial Conclave interdicted the practice of instilling the Empire soldiers with murderous savagery. So pleased is Zakalwe with their response that the Eternal has offered a minor boon to Imperial magicians during the Winter Solstice making it a little easier to empower their soldiers with the strength to fight their enemies.

You can learn about these boons, and the opportunities presented, in the Three keys wind of fortune.

Fading Like A Flower

  • Brass Coast; Conclave, Synod, Senate. Military Council; Grandmasters of the Celestial Arch, Unfettered Mind, and Rod and Shield; Ambassadors

The terrible blight in Madruga has finished devouring the Great Grasses, rendering the region uninhabitable. While the gentle rains summoned by Imperial magic have contained it and slowed its growth, there seems little hope of them continuing in coming months. This is only the latest development in a threat that has been brewing for a year now, and it seems that a bad situation can always be worse. Early assessments believed the blight could expand to consume the whole of Madruga, but since Summer the situation has changed. And not necessarily for the better...

You can learn more about how the threat is developing, and read about some suggestions on how to deal with it, in the Fading like a Flower wind of fortune.

Pride of the Marches

  • The Marches; Imperial Senate, Imperial Synod, Imperial Military Council

Last summit the Imperial Conclave accepted a Boon of Finding from the eternal Kimus. Raewynn Farkas, on behalf of the Silver Chalice, directed them to seek out the Vorpal Sword of Tom Drake, the first general of the Marcher army and one of the founders of the Imperial Military Council. The heralds of the Thousand Eyes have completed their search and informed the Empire where the relic - the weapon that struck down the tyrant boyar Alderei the Fair - is to be found.

You can learn about what they discovered, and how the sword might be returned to the general of the army, in the Pride of the Marches wind of fortune.

Hear Your Footsteps

  • Imperial Synod especially the Wintermark, Wisdom, and General assemblies; Marchers, especially threshers

During the Autumn Equinox the Assembly of Nine asked the Silent Bell to seek out a different Silent Bell - a weapon once wielded by a Marcher and stolen by Agramant inspired sorcerers a century ago. They are not the only ones thinking about dark forces, the servants of Agramant and worse. The Wintermark assembly, and the assembly of Wisdom, both turned their thoughts to the things that threaten innocent people from the dark and the cold. There is an opportunity for both assemblies to take action, to do something concrete about the threats they have identified.

You can learn about what the Silent Bell has uncovered, as well as two opportunities to act against the monsters in the dark, in the Hear your footsteps wind of fortune.

Other Events

There are a number of other events and situations which are noteworthy, but which for whatever reason have not led to a full Wind of Fortune in their own right.

This is a placeholder page for content that PD are actively working on.

Trade Summary

Rather than spread this information out around the various foreign nations, we've collected it here for ease of reference.

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  • You can find details of the mandates, along with the rest of the Synod judgements, here.

A number of mandates were successfully upheld in the Imperial Synod last season. As long as the named priest provided sufficient liao, those mandates have been automatically enacted.

Autumn Conjunctions

  • Last event there were a number of conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate; their known outcomes are listed here

During the Autumn Equinox, there were a number of conjunctions of the Sentinel Gate identified by the Imperial prognosticators. In each case a band of Imperial heroes used that conjunction to travel to a location far from Anvil and intervene in an ongoing situation. These are the known outcomes of those conjunctions. In the case of battles, it is important to remember that the Military Council can only make use of two of the major conjunctions each summit, choosing which to take advantage of during the Muster.

Major Conjunctions

Salt Flats of SanathCapture Sarra GrubfeastDrujBreaking DownNot taken; the fate of Sarra Grubfeast is unknown
The BarrensStop the Druj and their Winter eternal ally securing magical alliesDrujHungerThe Well of Tears was warded and Rhul Sorrowtongue's plan foiled
TromsaCapture the Blue Eel banner and ransom Mathilda Fisher from the JotunJotun and yegarraFallingThe banner was captured and Mathilda Fisher will be delivered to the Wintermark camp at the Winter Solstice. Feather'd Rain was defeated in their challenge of riddles.

Normal Conjunctions

# Location Responsibility Overview Result
1 Tromsa, Tromsdalen, Nordbotn Champion of Pride Hold the palisade Jotun warband driven off, preventing reinforcements reaching Oksenesfestsal
2 Morrow, Peregro, Seneca's Meadow Churnspire Adjutor Stop the heralds Scions were stopped before they could unleash the destructive power of the Peregro hot springs
3 Tromsa, Rikskog, Fniskard Copse Champion of Prosperity Claim the Jotun cache The cache was recovered by Imperial heroes
4 Karsk, Nitrost, Gulgisaz Warden of the Trees and Hills Stop the heralds Scions were stopped, and the vale of Veresk still stands
5 Tromsa, Icewood, Grove of Einar Grimnir of Wittal Grove Claim Grimnir's Glass Grimnir's Glass was recovered
6 Skarsind, Gildermark, Oathwright's Glade Weigher of Worth Stop the heralds Scions were prevented from destroying the Halls of Worth
7 Bregasland, Gravenmarch, Harry's Field Keeper of the Dour Fens Stop the heralds Scions claimed the Still Rock, disrupting Graven Rock, and bringing forth another magical army
8 Mournwold, Southmoor, Crowned Trees Brother Martin Orchard Confront Quiet Charlie The meeting was disrupted but Quiet Charlie ultimately escaped
9 Segura, Lucksprings, Path to Cerevado Custodian of the Cerevado Nets Stop the heralds Scions were able to raid the Cerevado Nets and steal a large amount of ilium
10 Sarvos, Cigno, Bertram's Square Dramaturgists of the League Balance the debt The situation was resolved peacefully; those involved know more
11 Redoubt, Tomari, Magnus' Thicket Grandmaster of the Unfettered Mind Stop the heralds Scions gained access to the Brilliant Star, claimed a large amount of mithril, and altered the nature of the mines permanently
12 Bastion, Sybella Cross, The Broken Holt Senator for Bastion Stop the heralds Scions claimed the ruins of the White Tower and constructed a fortification
13 Hercynia, Northpines, Danwyn's Coppice Spear of the Seven Stop the heralds Scions ravaged the trods in Hercynia, cutting the vallorn there off from the network
14 Mournwold, Green March, Golden Hoof Farm Bloodcrow Knott Talk to Hap the Soft A cordial conversation took place; those involved know more.
15 Upwold, The Heath, Tom's Dale Bailiff of the Grand Market Deal with the Drakes Dozen Unknown, but Bailiff of the Grand Market expected to know more
16 Karov, Wieliczka, The Thicket of Nieshka General of the Eastern Sky Stop the heralds Scions slaughtered the workers and claimed a large amount of mithril
17 Temeschwar, Vardstein Vale, Polseg Woods Custodian of the Assayer's Guild Deal with the Company of the Torch The company of the Torch were brought decisively to justice
18 Hahnmark, Kronemark, White Owl Fields Imperial Seer Stop the heralds Scions were prevented from slaughtering the Augurs of the Opalescent Gloaming
19 Sarangrave, Nesustak Forest, The Queen's Claim Advisor on the Vallorn Reclaim the Vate's Shelter The Vate's Shelter remains in possession of the Druj ghulai
20 The Barrens, Murderdale, Hugh's Sward Knight-protector of Spring Slay the Lady of the Dappled Trees The Druj and the lieutenant of Yaw'agrah escaped into Brocéliande