One of the uses of true liao is to create powerful true consecrations. These inspirational locations, dedicated to one of the seven virtues, fill everyone who visits them with a profound spiritual awareness. The spiritual power of the place, coupled with the stream of pilgrims who come to visit and be inspired by it means that these locations can have far-reaching effects - provided the place has a significant connection to the Way and the aura has been approved by the Imperial Synod.

In most cases, the location will be a memorial dedicated to the legacy left by an exemplar or paragon recognised by the Imperial Synod. In this case, the site must have a significant historical connection to the exemplar or paragon in question. Usually, this will be an actual tomb, but other sites may have a stronger connection to the figure. If the connection to the inspirational figure is strong enough then the life they led, the teachings they left behind, and the lessons they imparted will influence those who visit the location and create effects that resound through the area and beyond.

It is essential to have an explicit mandate approved by the Imperial Synod. During the Autumn Equinox 385YE, the Imperial Senate created a legal requirement for the Synod to issue a Writ of Consecration before any priest can legally create a true aura dedicated to a paragon, exemplar or other inspirational figure.

Some locations can be consecrated as sacred sites without connecting it to an exemplar or paragon, provided the place has profound spiritual importance in some other way. It was possible to consecrate the Marshes of Kallevesa because they are the ancient resting place of centuries of Wintermark's greatest heroes. In this case, the virtue chosen is usually crucial.

Writ of Consecration

  • Creating an effective inspirational location requires a writ of consecration upheld with a greater majority in the appropriate Virtue Assembly
  • This must be the virtue that it is to be used for the true consecration
  • For a memorial for a specific figure, this must be the virtue they are an exemplar or paragon of

The first step to creating an effective inspirational location is a writ of consecration upheld by a greater majority of the relevant virtue assembly. It is not possible to raise a writ of consecration in a virtue assembly proposing that an area be consecrated to a different virtue, or in the name of an inspirational figure associated with a different virtue.

It is not possible to create a tomb or memorial for someone who is known, or widely believed, to still be alive.

Inspirational Opportunity

  • If a writ of consecration passes with a greater majority in a virtue assembly then it will create an opportunity for one or more mandates
  • Only a single writ of consecration from each virtue assembly will create an opportunity
  • Creating an inspirational location requires a suitable mandate and a single dose of true liao

If a writ of consecration that passes with a greater majority in a virtue assembly calls for the creation of a memorial (an inspirational location linked to an exemplar or paragon), then it will lead to an opportunity before the next event with details of any effects of the consecration and potential alternatives. To be valid, the chosen figure must be a a paragon or exemplar or figure of similar renown, who has been recognised by the Imperial Synod, and they must not have an existing memorial already - otherwise the judgement will fail to create a response.

The opportunity will take the form of one or more possible mandates that can then be raised in the General Assembly. More than one mandate option will usually result where other viable sites for the inspirational location are identified by the civil service. If one of the mandates is enacted, then the named priest will need to provide a dose of true liao. Any mandate that consecrates a location in either Urizen or Varushka requires a greater majority in order to have an effect as per the Hard and suspecting wind of fortune. Unlike with other opportunities, it is not possible for members of the Synod to submit an alternative mandate.

Each season only one writ of consecration upheld with a greater majority from each virtue assembly will lead to an opportunity. If there is more than one competing judgement, only the judgement with the highest margin will lead to an opportunity.

A single dose of true liao is always required and is always sufficient. It is not possible to create an inspirational location without using a dose of true liao. Using more than one dose will not have any additional effect.

Consecration Effects

  • An opportunity to create a memorial will include the known locations linked to the inspirational figure that could be chosen
  • We will not normally list the explicit effects of a memorial in advance but the location and any other choices in the opportunity will be crucial
  • If we provide an opportunity to create a sacred site we will include the precise effects of the consecration

If the writ of consecration calls for a memorial for an exemplar or paragon, then the opportunity will list any known locations that could be used to create a viable memorial for them. For example, the recent consecration of an inspirational tomb for Adelmar the Lion identified three different locales that would serve as a memorial to the ambitious exemplar, each offering a different form of inspiration to the faithful.

The opportunity may include hints and suggestions but it will rarely provide explicit details of what the exact outcome will be. The consequences will only come to light if the consecration goes ahead. For example, when the inspirational tomb for Ratibor was consecrated in Temeschwar, it led to a set of options the Empire could take up. The outcome may also be more introspective in nature - the consecration of the Maze of Zoria helped transform the place into a quiet sanctuary for pilgrims of Wisdom whose effects were mostly felt by the Guardian.

A memorial will always attract pilgrims from across the Empire, and sometimes beyond, who want to learn more. It can also encourage people who already possess little-known or significant information about the individual to come forward. In the past, the construction of a memorial has led to an interest in relics of a new exemplar's life, to the examination of and emulation of their heroic deeds, and to the formation of sodalities dedicated to pursuing their legacy.

In some cases, the opportunity might include other costs, or require a commission be completed first. A grand structure built of white granite and weirwood that would contain the tomb and serve as a place of worship for the faith is common but not always required. For example, the opportunity to consecrate the Silent Sentinel as a memorial to the paragon of Vigilance of the same name included an additional opportunity to construct an inspirational shrine to further enhance the effect of the true aura.

If the writ calls for a sacred site to be consecrated, then it will not normally create an opportunity unless the chosen site is particularly significant. If that happens, the opportunity will be different - the civil service prognosticators will be able to provide much more explicit guidance, providing detailed information on the exact effects the consecration will have.

Known Locations

Many records were lost when Emperor Nicovar destroyed the great libraries of the Empire. This coupled with the problem that the Empire is a vast land that includes large areas of dangerous wilderness between civilized settlements means that it is certain that the location of some inspirational tombs has been lost over the centuries. Without suitable protection these places may have been destroyed - but in theory, some may yet endure. No inspirational location has been known to fail through age since the power of true liao withstands the ravages of time, so it is possible that one day some or all of these lost tombs might be found and reclaimed.


A memorial is an inspirational location dedicated to a renowned exemplar or paragon.

Adelmar the LionAmbitionRedoubtThe shrine is reached by a treacherous and winding mountain path and is overseen by the Prelate of Adelmar's Shrine.
Aldones di SarvosAmbitionSarvosThe memorial is at the top of a tall tower on the northern side of the city and has no Imperial title associated with it.
AtumanAmbitionNecropolisThe tomb stands on the cliffs and is rarely visited by any save Highborn pilgrims.
Cora HoldfastLoyaltyReikosA tomb in High Chalcis overseen by a Claviger appointed by the Loyalty assembly.
IsenbradWisdomHahnmarkAn inspirational tomb was created in the Runegrott in Hahnmark and serves as the focal point for Wintermark's Runesmith's Law
Joshua BensonVigilanceUpwoldBenson's Orchard, near Pickham Monastery, was consecrated during the Summer Solstice 385YE and serves as a place of pilgrimage for dedicants of Vigilance
LepidusPrideBastionThe tomb stands near the Basilica of Seven Doors and is a site of pilgrimage for dedicates of Pride.
The Little MotherProsperityBastionThe first chapel of the Little Mother in Sarvos is an inspirational tomb and site of pilgrimage.
RatiborAmbitionTemeschwarRatibor's Gate, the old prison, serves as a place of pilgrimage and is overseen by a Watcher
The SentinelVigilanceCasineaBuilt in the foundations beneath the Highborn Silent Sentinel and overseen by a Castellan
ZemressProsperityMadrugaThe remains of The Kraken's Bane, Zemress' ship, in Calvos serve as a place of pilgrimage for dedicates of Prosperity from all over the Known World.
ZoriaWisdomMiekarovaAn ancient maze in Mieriada, said to have been once the home of the ancient sorceress, is overseen by a Varushkan Guardian

Sacred Sites

A sacred site is a location that was already significant in some way that has been consecrated with true liao without dedicating it to an exemplar or paragon.

Kallavesa MarshPrideKallavesaFollowing a unique opportunity a grove at the heart of the Kallavesa Marshes was consecrated in the name of the heroes who sleep beneath them.
Walls of HolbergWisdomHolbergAn opportunity arose to consecrate a gallery atop the Walls of Holberg that apparently led to several miraculous events there.
Three WatchersLoyaltyMorrowWhen the three great statues commemorating the Highborn defence of Urizen against the Druj were created, the accompanying opportunity allowed a powerful consecration to be created
Colossus of SarvosPrideSarvosAn opportunity to consecrate the statue arose when it was damaged before the Winter Solstice 381YE
Shrine of HopeAmbitionThe BarrensAn opportunity to consecrate the shrine arose when the Barrens was finally claimed by Dawn

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