Paragon of Wisdom, who commanded beasts to serve.


Zoria was recognised as a Paragon of Wisdom by the Highborn Assembly of the Virtuous shortly after its founding, and then again by the Imperial Synod in 24YE.


The common legends date back to when the Ushka were a young people. So legend has it, Zoria was a Sorceress possessed of great insight and knowledge who lived in the depths of the Great Wilds and learned the names of all the creatures of the wild; bird and beast, fish and fowl. Using their names, Zoria could command them and they served her. One day, in return for a kindness done to her by a hunter lost in the Great Wilds, she commanded beasts to serve the hunter by carrying burdens, providing wool, food and companionship. The hunter went on to be the first farmer and their people prospered.

She is also credited with weaving the first cloth dyed with iridescent gloaming.


The assembly of Wisdom cited the following signs as proof that Zoria was a paragon.

  • Zoria taught others how to domesticate animals and grow crops, as well as encouraging them to examine the world around them and learn from it. This is taken as a sign her Benevolence. It is also cited as a examples of Salvation - encouraging others to embrace the virtue of Wisdom.
  • She remains an Inspiration for magicians,apothecaries, farmers, hunters, weaves, craftspeople of all kinds, and anyone who deal with the challenges of the natural world.
  • The stories of Zoria cite numerous Miracles that go beyond mastery of herb lore or ritual magic. The most commonly cited example is her ability to speak with birds and beasts, and get them to do her bidding.
  • Zoria left numerous relics both in the form of tools she used, and in places dotted across the north of the Empire touched by her presence such as the Maze of Zoria. These items and places provide an enduring Legacy.
  • Nobody has ever had a past life vision of Zoria, and the Assembly of Wisdom agreed that if anyone has actually achieved Liberation, Zoria has.

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