The Basilisk of the Bourse is an Imperial title created by the Imperial Senate in Autumn 383YE. The most significant Imperial Titles of the Bourse afford their incumbents access to rare and valuable resources - white granite, mithril, weirwood and ilium. Whether by success at auction or by gathering sufficient votes, these citizens have access to materials necessary for Senate commissions, upgrading personal resources, and a variety of other projects. The wains or rings of ilium granted to these title holders are legally their property to dispense with as they wish. Although constitutionally the holders of such titles cannot be subject to Revocation, they are not immune to the scrutiny of the Synod, including the power of Inquisition.

The title of Basilisk is an unusual one - the heraldic beast has a strong association with Highguard and the Virtue of Vigilance.


The Basilisk of the Bourse is expected to advise Bourse seat holders about the Way of Virtue and to offer them spiritual advice in their direct involvement in the economy of the Empire. They are also expected to oversee the use of Bourse resources and report to the Synod any concerns that Members of the Bourse are engaging in any activity that might constitute a religious crime so that, if necessary, an appropriate Sanction can be administered.


Inquisit Member of the Bourse

Once per summit, the Basilisk may call an inquisition against any Bourse seat holder without the need for a vote in the Synod. This is in addition to any existing judgements they have raised normally. This use of the power may be escalated to a Condemnation just like any other inquisition. To use this power, the Basilisk must still place a judgement before the Synod, but it is considered to pass automatically at the point it is presented.

Bourse seat holder
A Bourse seat holder is defined as the incumbent of any Imperial Title that receives an income of white granite, mithril, weirwood or ilium. For reasons thought to go back to the formation of the Bourse under Emperor Giovanni, this also includes the Master of the Imperial Mint, and would include any other title that explicitly granted a seat on the Imperial Bourse.


The Basilisk is appointed during the Winter Solstice. The are chosen with a judgement of appointment by the Assembly of the Nine.

The title can be held by any Imperial citizen. They can be revoked by the General Assembly and the Assembly of the Nine.

Winter Solstice 385YENavarrHeilyn Bronwens Rest7 Votes
Winter Solstice 384YENavarrHeilyn Bronwens Rest5 Votes
Winter Solstice 383YENavarrHeilyn Bronwens Rest7 Votes

Recent Elections

This title is currently held by Heilyn Bronwens Rest; it will be reelected at Winter Solstice 386YE. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.