War is a furnace that forges only blood and tears. Fueled by wealth, it consumes it utterly. The only thing it creates is destitution.

Emperor Giovanni


Mithril is a highly precious lightweight, durable metal particularly valued in making armour and weapons for the Imperial Armies. It is one of the key materials used by the Senate to raise and resupply armies or to commission new buildings and is a vital component of many opportunities.

Mithril is bought and sold in Imperial wains. These weigh about 500kg, with a volume of half a cubic metre. Due to the vast weight, trading is done in Bourse Certificates provided by the civil service.

Bourse Certificate

Mithril is too bulky to easily transport to Anvil. To help facilitate trade across the Empire, the Imperial civil service provide Bourse certificates for every wain. Citizens can trade these certificates safe in the knowledge that they can be exchanged for a wain of mithril when the need arises.

Uses of Mithril


Mithril is primarily useful for building and expanding armies. The Senate can commission a range of military commissions and buildings that fortify, enrich or uplift the Empire. Mithril is usually required for:

Mithril Bourse certificate

Upgrading Personal Resources

Mithril can be used to upgrade:

  • Mana site - each upgrade alternates between 1 and 2 additional crystals per season
  • Mine - each upgrade gives 2 addition ingots per season
  • Military Unit - each upgrade gives 20 additional soldiers.

To upgrade a resource requires Imperial wains of mithril equal to the level the resource is being upgraded to. So the first upgrade of a starting level 1 military unit costs 2 Imperial wains of mithril, from 2 to 3 costs 3 Imperial wains, etc.

Mithril Seats

There are few places in the Empire that produce mithril. A mithril seat can be a source of great wealth and prestige to whoever holds it. Elections for mithril seats are held at the Autumn Equinox each year.

Imperial Bourse Seats

Sunless DepthsGalath Fields, Ossium16 wains of mithrilMoraža
The Fortress of SaltMetri, Temeschwar25 wains of mithrilJaana Mordssen
The Great Mine of BrianteSerra Briante, Kahraman22 wains of mithrilJacob
The Great Pits of EnnerlundEnnerlund, Holberg27 wains of mithrilSofia i DelToro i Riqueza

National Bourse Seats

Brilliant StarTomari, Redoubt28 wains of mithrilRhodeUrizeni Position
Pride of Ikka's TearsSuaq Fount, Sermersuaq22 wains of mithrilTuija DunningWintermark Position
The Eternal Shafts of TimeWieliczka, Karov29 wains of mithrilVasiliy Krenyenkov Valeskai StrascovichVarushkan Position
The LegacyOssuary, Spiral22 wains of mithrilTaskel Di ApulianLeague Position
The Singing CavesGreensward, Mournwold28 wains of mithrilHenry BirchsmithMarcher Position


ResourceLocationPotential PurchaseOccupantEligibilityElection
Boar's MarketWinterbourne, Astolat6 wains of mithrilGuy Grimbold-AntenucciDawnish PositionWinter
Iron TowerDuzekani, Karov15 wains of mithrilVladimir Sasha VolkovVarushkan PositionAutumn
Mines of GulhuleEstermark, Skarsind1 wain of mithrilIrontide FlaxImperial Orc PositionSpring
Overseer of the Gloaming RoadYellow Chase, Segura6 wains of mithrilKhalil i Carno i GuerraImperial PositionAutumn
Parador of DustJade Range, Kahraman15 wains of mithrilNemi i RiquezaFreeborn PositionAutumn
Temeschwar University Department of ArchitectureHanuri, Temeschwar6 wains of mithrilLaughlan Vi TemeschwarLeague PositionSummer
The Singing CavesGreensward, Mournwold12 wains of mithrilHenry BirchsmithMarcher PositionAutumn

Recent History

The Great Pits of Ennerlund were lost when Holberg was overrun and the mine - and its bounty of mithril - served the Druj instead. When the Empire began its triumphant liberation of Holberg, the barbarian orcs destroyed the pumps and collapsed the pits during the Winter Solstice 378YE.

Work restoring the Great Pits of Ennerlund began in late Spring 379YE ... and almost immediately halted. The Druj destruction of the Great Pits had been a calculated act, and one with a tragic and horrific consequence. Following dozens of reports of the unquiet dead haunting the pits, the Dawnish priest Ozren de Orzel of Dawn was dispatched by the Imperial Synod to exorcise the cleansing of the haunting spirits from the mines as work could not continue until the ghosts were laid to rest. With the ghosts dealt with, it still took several seasons to restore the pits to working order.

The Legacy was lost to the Grendel in Summer 379YE.

The Pride of Ikka's Tears was discovered in Winter 379YE by chance by a civil servant exploring the Face of Ikka. The Senate paid to develop the mine and also to commission a ministry to encourage human miners to work the rich mines of Gulhule in Skarsind, for the benefit of the Imperial Orcs.

The Legacy was eventually liberated by a heroic assault via the Sentinel Gate during Summer 380YE. Despite some concern however that the Senate might choose to allocate it as an Imperial resource, they instead chose to reaffirm it as a national resource in control of Urizen. Less than a year later, the Legacy was again captured.

In Autumn 380YE, a pernicious blight laid waste to the iridescent butterfly population of the forests of northern Faraden. Brightly coloured fabrics are vital to Faraden culture, and iridescent gloaming is key to their production. They brokered a trade deal with the Freeborn, exchanging precious mithril for vast amounts of Iridescent Gloaming from the Empire.

In late 380YE, the Singing Caves were taken by the Jotun orcs. A Marcher lobby persuaded the Senate to allocate them to the Marches as a national position, but the motion was immediately vetoed by Empress Lisabetta, leaving the mines unallocated. They would not be eligible to be allocated again until Winter 380YE summit. They were eventually allocated as a National Bourse position during the Spring Equinox 382YE, by which time a significant bounty of mithril had built up

Then, shortly before the Spring Equinox 382YE, the Legacy was again liberated by the Empire. It was duly allocated as an Urizen National Bourse position during the Spring Equinox summit. Due to the malign effects on Spiral, the upkeep of the Legacy has been doubled for the foreseeable future.

During the Spring Equinox 382YE, the Imperial Senate dispatched prospectors to the Pride of Ikka's Tears and determine if it would be possible to expand the production.

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